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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back-to-school today. The morning routine I mapped out worked out perfectly on this trial day. David and Erik will still be sleeping at his house for a week or so, which will make the transition to full-time Nana and Grampie easier. We have Sean here, but no breakfast for David or Erik (who arrives fully dressed and ready to go).

Up at 5:30 for taking care of the dogs and having our traditional coffee and devotions in bed. Sean happened awake at 6, but that's the time I'll have to wake him if necessary. I got him mostlydressed, then sent him with sox and shoes to Grampie. He took over dressing and entertaining duties while I got breakfast on the table. Daddy and Erik cam a few minutes early, so they could see him off on his first day. EARLY bus pick-up (6:55), so they may not always make it. Even with the move, he has the same driver and bus aide as last year, and he was SO happy to see them! Bet our neighborhood drivers were a bit surprised to come around our curve and see a "flashing red" school bus, though!

Started a load of laundry. Walked Erik to school, and he was truly ready to go. He'd met his teacher at Tuesday's Open House, so he was a very big and proud 1st grader! It's 0.6 mile each way, so he gets in 1.2 every day, and Nana gets 2.4.

Then a 2.3 mile loop through the park with Pita. Stretching, showering, and MAKE-UP! And the best part was that Paul noticed. It's almost time to start my FlyLady weekly plan stuff, which Paul and I work on together. Then lunch, and a half-hour or so "horizontal time" so I can get some reading in. Up and ready to meet Sean when he gets off the bus, likely hungry as a bear!

Next time, I'll tell y'all how our afternoons are mapped out.
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