Thursday, August 15, 2013

I need to vent before my head pops off. My daughters friend comes over almost every day. My daughter is 3 and her friend is 6. I am working with Calleigh on sharing and her friend (e) doesn't share at all. They were coloring and e took all the colors she wanted and held them in one hand (all pinks purples and red) and said these were the colors she needed and wouldn't let Cal use them. Then I was doing the dishes and went in the hallway and she was showing Cal how to climb the stairs from the side on the outside of the railing. Then a lil while ago I hear cal saying that's a bad word you can't say that. We are working with Cal about not saying the word stupid. After E comes over cal says stupid this and stupid so we have been trying to get her to stop and now whenever anyone says stupid she tells them its a bad word and they can't say it.

I'm not saying my child is perfect she is very far from it but when her friend comes over she is sooo much worse. Cal has become such the little tattle tale when e comes over. It's e's not sharing this, e won't let me play with such and such, e said a bad word. I have to put the kindles away now because when e was coming over she would go upstairs and just use the kindle and ignore cal. When she does play with her she tells her no you can't play with this you're too little. These are Cal's toys she knows how to use them and no she is not too small to play with them. I have to tell e over and over these are cal's toys she can play with them. When we were outside Cal has a play house and e shut the door and told the girls they couldn't go in. so she made them stand outside. When Cal came to tell me she wouldn't let her in e came running and said cal I said you could come in now. I don't know if this is just normal kid stuff or if I am just stressed and the little things just bug the crap out of me. I mean sometimes they play nice and well together but lately it seems to be getting worse and worse. I have a hard enough time disciplining and parenting my own two I don't want to parent another especially if its not my kid. It could just be my stress level increasing making me think it is getting worse. I don't know I just needed to vent.

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  • CLC2408
    Thanks everybody. From what I have heard from other people the kids (4 soon to be 5) do what they want at their house and they each have their own toys and don't have to share. If it's theirs no one else can touch it. I've had a break for the last two days I think she is at her fathers house for the weekend so it has been nice.
    2383 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13505519
    Oh, that is so tough! My daughter is nearly three and yesterday we were at a neighbors house for a party and they had over several other neighbors as well. Among them were two girls, probably 6ish years old. My daughter was trying to hold their hands and play and write with chalk and hang out with them and I saw them whispering and talking about her! It made me mad but my daughter didn't even notice it. So I didn't do anything. BUT. if they were in my house I would, as others have said, consistently correct the friend as to how we do things at our house.

    Then of course, there's always the "sweetie, it's time for e to go home now"

    2383 days ago
    Sometimes a child like that is actually looking for a firm hand. There may be nothing at home (or very little). I would explain how "we do things" at your home and see if that won't help!

    2383 days ago
    I agree with ALOUIE, that child has to learn that rules are different from one place to another. She is in your house she should follow your rules. If not, well she can play elsewhere. Make sure you stand your grounds. And if she says 'well at home I can' then tell her that she is NOT home.

    Hang in there!
    2386 days ago
    Totally understand I had issues with that with a child that lived next door. We just made sure that house rules were known. Anything I would see misbehaving I would say in this house we don't allow that. I would gently remind the other child. Your doing that child a favor at least your nice about it. Another child's parent could have a different approach that would not be as nice. not your job to discipline someone elses child but we all have to follow rules where ever we are. Your just teaching her (:
    2386 days ago
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