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Update on my Wife

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Many of you have asked how my wife is doing. (She has Amyloidosis and suffers from kidney failure and extremely low blood pressures). Although we try to remain positive, things aren't looking so good. She was removed from the kidney transplant list because the head doctor doesn't think a new kidney would survive after the surgery because of her low blood pressure (41 over 27 a few days ago). This is a shame because her brother proved to be a match for her - he also passed all of the rigorous testing. The other frustrating thing is that her kidney failure is what caused the low blood pressure. A new kidney could raise it again if it would survive long enough. Without a new kidney, things are looking very bleak as the doctors have tried what few things they can to raise the pressure. We also looked into acupuncture (which supposedly can help correct low or high blood pressures), but the clinic decided against it since her pressures were so low - they didn't want to take a chance that the acupuncture might lower it even more.

Her home dialysis is also not proving to be very effective, and she cannot go on hemodialysis (the type they do at the centers), because it does not remove the fluids sufficiently and results in even lower blood pressures. In an attempt to help make the dialysis more effective, they have now put my wife on a regime where she goes through dialysis 12 hours of every day - not much of a life.

As I said, we are trying to remain positive, but the truth is that she is going downhill very rapidly. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers from everyone.

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