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day one of year two....

Thursday, August 15, 2013

not that there will be a blog entry of day two, day, three, etc, but it feels right to recenter myself here on spark, to recommit to all the things spark taught me. seeing the support yesterday reminded me that this community *is* important to that commitment. so i will try to take a more active role, because i WILL make it to my second maintenance anniversary - and beyond.

my weight on aug 14, 2012 was 103 lbs; now it is 107. figuring that 105 is ideal, that is still more than acceptable; i just would like to slip down that last bit again to have the "room to spare" (memories of all the walking in hawaii last winter when we had to keep eating more because we lost too much weight!).

i've slipped in so many ways this last half year - barely maintained a spark presence, logging in daily, doing the trivia questions. the fitbit - which has been my absolute motivator since i bought it right after my birthday last december - has made a huge difference in my life. it logs the minutes automatically into SP (and yes, we really are out all those minutes, every day). i know i walk more to see those steps rise - 20,000 is the goal if we can do it, 15,000 is great on busy days, and 10,000 - well, at least we're moving. less than that and tomorrow is a new day to start over.

diet-wise, still plant-based vegan, but i stopped tracking months ago, and lost some control of keeping things clean. we never have cookies in the house when we are in washington (or hawaii), but here in sweden, they are just so good. and so many opportunities for tea and cookies in the garden. or wine and chips.... and you know we've slipped up if walking and running 50-60 miles each week (which we really have done this year!) does not result in weight loss, but just maintenance.

so....we visited friends last week who told us about the 5:2 fast diet - eat "normally" 5 days and fast 2 days - not completely, 500 calories for women, 600 for men. i don't think i could pull that off, i just get too cranky without food, but we decided to have two "clean" days a week - no goodies, no or minimum bread, no wine - just good clean veggies and fruit and beans, and try to keep the calorie count down. i tracked food the two days we just tried it, and it kept me at (or just under) my minimum calorie count. it's possible this may reteach us the "right" way to eat - more clean days, with sufficient calories, would not be wrong. but it's a start...

so that is the plan for now - clean eating at least two days a week, and continued walking and running 50 miles a week, aiming for 20,000 steps when possible. and back to spark.

it's a new year, and i'm gonna make it to anniversary #2!
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