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Adapting is not always easy. . .

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Most of you know that I home school my children ( 3 grades. . . 1st, 4th & 6th ) . . .not to mention the other sports/music activities we are involved in as a family. . . emoticon emoticon I LOVE my multi-hat job to pieces, BUT I have come to the conclusion that I must Spark less if I am to make ANY Progress.

This Energizer Bunny has finally learned ( or I hope so. . . ) that she must graduate with a degree in Balance. Ha! emoticon . . .I also have learned something about myself - it is not healthy for me to focus on the scales.
So I chalk this lesson up to experience & will move on making Progress in a new way. Boy! . . . this BLC 22 Round has been a struggle for me...:::it's as if I had to fight very hard to find the time to complete much summer time company, and a sporadic schedule. I am content I did my best..... Lol. But it was not a very normal schedule for sure.

My schedule has been so unpredictable & I need to find "MY" way again towards maintaining my health. I am doing all the right things....etc. have good concrete habits, but with each new "season" that is introduced to me, it seems I must also adapt my fitness schedule with the new season. This can be quite challenging when you have such a great schedule already in place. It can be like taking a nose dive unprepared. emoticon

For example - Right as I succeeded in running my 1st emoticon . . . . .circumstances changed so dramatically that I had to adapt my running schedule to something entirely different - a summer by the pool side. Lol!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Now don't get me wrong.....I'm not complaining...we have had a BLAST this summer. It's just that I was just on a roll with my running progress. emoticon I admit I was looking forward to more mileage, but alas it was not meant to least in that early summer season.

Currently, I am developing my own ...shall I say - unusual fitness schedule.
My first goal is to begin early morning runs, and plan to make my strength training time for late evenings....that's just the way it works best within our lives. If I sneak in anything else it will be alongside my family....unplanned.
I have several fitness family ideas I have been wanting to try out, and I am motivated to begin this new chapter of our education with fitness. Were off to discover new things together. emoticon
"Together" is the main theme here. If I need to take a backseat to my own personal running training, and just run randomly here and there, then I will endeavor to enJOY whatever I can. "Joy" is that other important theme too.

I will let you know how I manage to figure it all out. Would LOVE your ideas. . .
emoticon Question for YOU - How do YOU handle New life seasons? . . . please comment about it as I would enjoy learning from YOU.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am a very unbalanced person :( I have no clue where to start. Guess it
    Must be a heart issue for me. But there is nothing neither of us cannot
    Do. Yahweh will lead us.
    1696 days ago
    Funny you should write this today as I've been struggling with balance, too. Trying to come up with a plan that works for the good of all, INCLUDING ourselves is a challenge. But with God all things are possible - including balance. Best wishes and prayers for you to strike that balance. Sounds like you already have the biggest part under control - a submissive, flexible spirit.
    1704 days ago
    1704 days ago
    You're a busy woman, bravo for doing it all with a sense of humour! btw thanks for letting me know about the injury-free running writer!
    1705 days ago
  • ZELLAZM usual, your posts bring a smile to my face AND make me think. I'm dealing with big life transitions myself. I do struggle to find the BALANCE you speak of, as it's my tendency to get very BUSY so that I don't have to think about the things that are troubling me. I want to allow the Holy Spirit to lead me and not be driven to work more, harder, or longer hours...although I do love my work and find it rewarding and often fun. I think, like the other posters have said, that you're definitely on the right track. Thanks for sharing your insights and being an inspiration!
    1706 days ago
    I think you already have the answers... Balance.
    Balance between making time for you & time for your family.
    Incorporating family fitness is a perfect balance of both.
    You'll work it out, I have no doubts.
    If less Sparking is what you need, I totally get that... this summer its been challenging to fit it all in. You take care of you. Take care of your family. We all, here on Spark, we'll be here when you can fit us in :)

    1707 days ago
    Adapting is not always easy but it sounds like you are realizing what you need for balance. Races keep me motivated. The change of season is hard when it transitions from summer to back to school. Exercise helps that transition.

    Keep up the great work! I know that you'll do well bringing balance and staying on top of your goals. And you have 3 very important goals to focus on.
    1708 days ago
    Laura, this is a most difficult, personal and precarious journey this walk (or run) toward balance in ANY season and women as daughters, friends, students, wives, moms, stewards (see the progression) struggle with finding any balance that included SELF care and nurturing. You are wise far beyond your years and you adapt to the seasons Lyrical Laura and yet I pray that you for you can become a theme in your life that isn't one that finds joy in moments, days, weeks, months, years and seasons with others solely but for your own personal growth in the forefront as well for to teach your children the importance of that for your wellbeing, growth and yes JOY and fulfillment in life in conjunction with embracing every single moment of their lives as a mom and family that you can is also a life lesson they need to know. THAT balance is often ever elusive and when you find it, you will have peace, joy, contentment ALL!

    Your maintaining your incredible losses, your fitness, your health, your servanthood are all such wonderful examples for your children. You are a role model for them to see. I don't mean immersing yourself on Spark, but I do mean that YOU having time carved out for YOU to train not fit it in around everyone else is an OK thing because your children growing up realizing the importance of you taking time for you, your marriage, your relationship is ALL part of your example to the futures of our country sweet Laura. You are doing an outstanding job.

    Your servanthood is an example for them to emulate. Your FUNctional fitness. Your enJOYment of life. Your LOVE and enthusiasm. ALL pieces of the puzzle that make up your family and what a beautiful family it is!

    Love you Lyrical Laura! You've got this! emoticon
    1708 days ago
    "JOY" is a main part of my life. You family will only be young for just so long. EnJOY it while you can and you'll find time for yourself. Your children will understand your need to keep up your healthy lifestyle. And YOU will find the time that fits your schedule best. Good luck.
    1708 days ago
    I am amazed at all you . Life is always changing. We need to adapt. I know you will do fine.
    1708 days ago
    To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven ...
    1708 days ago
    You've really given this some great thought! I happen to be relatively well steeped in contemplative thought, as I write this: I would probably try to ask the "What would Jesus do" question, pray about it, and see if there's relative resources in scripture to back the goals set before me. Peace, reasonable balance, proper perspective, and commitment to caring for all that God anoints us for are just some of the motivational factors in the overall plan that is made and continually reviewed and updated. We never really know what faces us tomorrow, other than rest confidently in a loving, compassionate, merciful, and forgiving Father, but we sure can make positive steps towards the direction set before. May your great faith life continue to direct our paths in all that we do. You're incredible, girlfriend. You are truly an inspiration and great role model. Hug, hug -- Evelyn
    1708 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/14/2013 11:29:40 PM
  • MIRAGE727
    Balance is good!
    1708 days ago
    Wow, I am extremely jealous of your organization and adaptability
    1708 days ago
    Your plan and approach sound so much better than mine have been.
    Each life season brings it's own challenges that we each must face and figure out.
    I started the healthier lifestyle later on - post children but I have other issues that sideline me - or try to. Funny - God has a plan and even when I think I have it figured out - He lets me know - I'm not in charge.

    You've done so well, sounds like you have support - enJOY your life especially with your children while you have them with you. Watch out, one day you will turn around and they will be moved out and on! Hug them extra tonight for some crazy lady in Pennsylvania! =) emoticon
    1708 days ago
    Sounds like you have learned to be flexible and adaptable and you love your family. I think this is GREAT! emoticon
    1708 days ago
    You are handling it GREAT. Accept new circumstances, pray for direction, ask hubby's wisdom, make new plans, be flexible, be grateful, be resourceful....THAT IS YOU!

    Less sparking is needful sometimes. You will find the right balance for this season right now.
    1708 days ago
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