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So conflicted, can't wait, but don't want to wish the time away!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I am so excited for September 1st...that is the day my new GYM membership kicks in! OH how I love the atmosphere in the gym!

AND...I am going to be going to a FEMALE ONLY swim twice a week!

What bliss! I am so excited to start my exercise program again and I can't wait but I don't want to wish away the last 2 1/2 weeks of summer vacation!
In the meanwhile I am working on increasing my fitness over the next few weeks, that means unearthing my treadmill which is buried under boxes at the moment to make room for MIL! lol

This will be my schedule:

Monday: Cycle to the pool ( 15 min)
Swim at the Female Only swim time

GYM : Treadmill

GYM: Circuit and upper body training/ core
or stretching and yoga /elliptical

Thursday: Swimming at Female only swim session

Friday: Gym Treadmill

Sat: Swim - General Lane swim

Sunday Gym: Treadmill

Wednesday is really my rest day in which I will do low impact stuff or stretching etc.

Now bear in mind this will all be moderate not high intensity. This is designed to burn FAT and rev up metabolism.

I am going to do weights whenever there is just for 15 minutes a day after warm up!

I have consulted my personal trainer friend ( Igor) and he is worried this is too much cardio...but since I am doing moderate and it is not for long periods, I think we will be okay, I can always change after 6 weeks, but this for a short period of time to kick start my metabolism will be fine I think.

He also wants me to go see a naturapath for the iron issues. Since we don't have health insurance, that is a stretch for me...but I may do it anyhow. Once I save up some money once the kids go back to school.

I have pulled out my cast iron with that, thanks for the reminder and my next step is to start the iron injections.
In addition to this I have to book pelvic ultrasound to rule out any other reasons for excessive loss of iron monthly.

It feels good to be moving in the right direction. I am tracking my food daily!
I know exactly where I am nutritionally and it can only be improved! I gotta start somewhere , right and you know my saying , IT IS ABOUT PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION! I was almost under calories again yesterday! WHAT IS WITH THAT!? Why do I have no desire to eat real food? I am sure it will come back .....

And I think once I get back to exercise the way I was before those endorphines will go a long way. I have missed being as fit as I was at the peak of my training, and I long to be back at that! At least I was "toned"...and FIT!
I know it is a long road ahead but it is health and lifestyle that I am looking for and I am sure it will do wonders for my mood and motivation!

NOT TO MENTION MY ENERGY LEVEL...anyone with anemia will know how frustrating it is to want to do more but not having the energy to do it!

Good news, yesterday our ducklings popped in for a visit! They are getting so big!

There are five ducklings now!

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