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Meal Replacement?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

are meal replacement smoothies./..or shakes, whatever you want to call them, you think they're a good idea? Will it make my body think I am starving and store the fat ?

Now I love to eat, but I just remember when I was a lot younger I lost weight by only eating one meal per-day...of course I got pregnant shortly after losing the weight so I gained it all back and have never been that small ever again...So I'm not sure weather to try only eating once a day again and see what happens or try meal replacement to cut down on my calorie intake...I am just very unhappy, & fat and every time I try to lose weight, I matter how motivated I am, it always fades away and I quit and give up.
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    Sorry - this turned in to a novel!

    Meal replacement shakes can certainly work for some people. If you choose carefully (or make your own), then you can get a reasonable amount of nutrition and calories from them. They can be most useful to get in good nutrition when you don't have time to eat.

    BUT (you knew that was coming, right?!) they don't teach you how to eat well so you can maintain for the rest of your life. They also don't give you the "satisfaction" of chewing, so it's easy to feel like you haven't eaten and end up eating actual food as well as the shake.

    Personally, they are a bunch of calories that I don't enjoy, so aren't worth the time, money, and effort. I LIKE to chew, so I'll go for food every time!

    Just something to think about --- have you considered looking at things as a permanent change, instead of as a quick weight-loss scenario? Have you looked up what your maintenance calories would be at the weight you want to be, including the amount of exercise that you KNOW that you will keep up? That's what I did, and instead of using the "weight loss ranges", I just gradually dropped my calories to where I'll need them to be when I get to my "goal weight". This does NOT give quick weight loss, but it is slow and steady, and has allowed me to figure out what my permanent nutrition and fitness will look like (with lots of tweaks along the way).

    The best thing about going about it this way (in my opinion), is that I have been able to focus on what nutritious foods I can ADD to my diet instead of focusing on deleting things. I've learned to cook so that what I eat is delicious as well as nutritious, and there seriously is nothing that I "used to have" that I now miss. If there's something I want, then I have it --- but I DID have to learn portion sizes!

    One last thing to consider: have you looked in to doing some heavy weight lifting? It's something that doesn't take a ton of time (1/2 hour, 2 or 3 times per week), and the additional muscle that you build will make everything easier. There is a blog by BREWMASTERBILL that gives a great outline for beginners in this.

    Whatever you decide to do (shakes, one meal per day, or whatever), please make sure that you are getting enough calories and adequate nutrition. Your body needs a certain amount of calories, vitamins, and minerals to function and you don't do yourself any favours by depriving yourself of necessities.

    Stay strong and good luck figuring out what will work best for you!
    1746 days ago
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