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I "Forgot" My Swimwsuit... Again...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This was a comment I made to one of MaggieRoseBowl's blog and it got so long it turned into a blog of its own, so I thought I post it here as well.

(I was responding to her blog about being a bit embarrassed to wear short sleeves and shorts since her weight loss because of some loose skin and wrinkles.)

When I was at my brother's condo a couple of weeks ago, all three of my nieces, my brother and sis-n-law, my son and his girlfriend and even my dad all went swimming in the pool and were having a great time! Me? I "forgot" to bring my swimsuit because I got one a size too small and never lost the weight to fit into it. ;-( Granted it was a tankini and a board shorts bottom, but still. So I sit with my step-mom who can't go in the water yet because she recently had neck surgery, along the side of the pool in a lounge chair and watch everyone else having fun. The recent story of my life.

Then all of the sudden I hear clapping and hootin' and hollerin' and folks yellin' "Yea Nana!" and I look up and see a woman who weighs way more than I did even at my heaviest, but she had on a beautiful new purple bathing suit and she smiled at all of her 'fans' and hugged her grandchildren and joined them in the pool. Those kids and that grandmother had the best time! I felt stupid and vain and I soooo wished I had gotten that suit in my current size so I could join my family and especially my nieces having fun.

So you just dress however you want and enjoy those moments with your grandkids. Those batwings and wrinkles wherever they may be are badges of courage and proof that you've made huge changes for the better in your life. Ü

Sorry this was so long, but in a few weeks I'm going back to my brother's condo and next time I'm taking my suit, whatever size it will be. Ü
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