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Another sick day - back again...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Woke up yesterday, a bit sore... guessing at this point it is reinjury of the same spot I'd sprained a couple months ago... Not sure if i mentioned my 'trip-up' the step on the way into Big Lots on Friday night - but that's what I'm blaming...

After working in pain all day yesterday (Monday), about 4pm I went ahead to the Urgent Care. Saw yet a different NP this time, and due to the kidney issues, and unable to find something that is 'safe' on kidneys, she just gave me a script for 14 (2/day) flexeril - that same dose I already have and took Friday night after my fall.

So, today I stayed home from work to see if taking the dose earlier in the day AND at night, might be just what the injury needed. Unfortunately, so far... I'm not noticing much different. GAH!

I'm so sick of being a clutz and well, eventually I guess I'll develop strength and coordination so that walking/shopping isn't so dangerous to me!!!

Meanwhile, I'm starving but afraid to eat too much, since the scale will show it when I hit the GP's office next week! Altho' I know I need 'fuel' to heal. I just need to be really smart about what I do consume. I'm trying to make that delish Thai dish I made last week - doing prep work in lil' bouts so as to not over do anything. I was able so far, to slice up some peppers, and prep the rest of the string beans... and am now resting in the most painful seated position to try to at least keep non-exercise-related Spark Streaks alive ;)

I know, I know... I should probably blame the KK's from the last blog! LOL

I get to do the blood work thing Thursday morning, followed by the dentist on Friday afternoon... then next Thursday (I think) is the Dr appt.

Oh, and all my attempts to call the kidney specialist office about changing the BP pill - well, she was supposed to call me back today - and my call history does NOT show that there were any missed calls ... guess I'll be calling them again in the morning. I did NOT take yesterday's dose, nor will I be taking it tonight. Since I've only been on it a few weeks, I'm sure there's no problem other than the BP going up while I'm fairly INactive at this point.

Tomorrow's HUMP day - here's to hoping that I'm not forced to walk it like a HUMP-back ;)
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