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sugar, carbs, and salt... oh my!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

okay. i'm struggling to keep my sugar and carbs in check and i realize that even though i don't add salt to anything i bake or cook, unless it's absolutely needed ... still somehow i eat way over the limit of salt allowed for a healthy body. THIS is just gettin on my last freaken nerve. When i realized just how much extra salt I was eating, of course it hit me, my kids must be eating even twice that as they eat waaaay more than i do because they are into sports and need calories. SO. Here I go again, reassessing everything I eat (again) and my family eats to keep them healthy and hopefully ward off the awful backlash of a crappy salt, sugar and carb filled diet. It gets down right depressing. emoticon
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  • JO74555
    the tracker i picked for pre-diabetes allowed me that many carbs and i was having trouble following that. i really have to get my attitude and information in some kind of stable form. i am really conflicted as to eat more meat... i thought maybe the paleo or primal diet was good. and, i really thought i was doing my family a favor with the smart balance and almond milk. i will stick with the almond milk because regular milk doesn't "agree" with anybody in my family. Bottom line... i really do have to commit and go on a truly lower carbed "diet". I will also make the fateful call for my yearly visit to the Dr. get the stinkin' bloodwork and go from there. I can't thank you all enough for your information and support. I wish there was some kind of magic test that would tell what each person's individual body would do best with and be satisfied on without so much hit or miss.
    1776 days ago
    I totally agree about the salt. There is correlation, but not causation, associated with "higher" salt intake than our governmental standard. But those recommendations are inaccurate on many fronts. IF you're following a LC lifestyle, your body will metabolize salt differently, and you actually need more. I probably get 4000 or more per day, and my lab results are perfect.

    I looked at your Nutrition Tracker for the last several days. Naturally, I couldn't see what your sodium levels have been, but from what I did see...

    Your daily carbs have been running pretty close to 200 g. I think very few people would describe that as "low-carb." After you've adapted to and have been in the lifestyle for a while, you may be able to increase to a level your body can maintain at - but (I've been struggling lately too) if I let my carbs get around 100, I stall immediately. I begin to gain if I let it get higher than that. For most, at least in the beginning, 50 g/day is about the limit.

    Keep in mind, eating carbs make you crave carbs. It will also keep you hungry for ANY food.

    I see you're leaning toward the low-fat and reduced fat products, which is counterproductive. You need fats (good, healthy ones - animal fats) to replace your lost carb calories and just to provide satiety. Drop the 2% milk. Go get some REAL milk.

    And that "spread" is non-food. Get real pastured butter. Or ANY butter is better than margarine or a "spread."

    Agave syrup, although touted as "healthy and natural" is actually full of high fructose corn syrup. I don't know how they get away with calling it 100% agave - perhaps it's something in the way it's extracted or processed - but it's full of the stuff.

    I also saw you eliminated cheese from some sandwich, but eat the bread, rolls, donuts, brownies, crackers... etc. The cheese is good for you, so long as it's not the processed stuff. The "breadies", well... no. I feel for you, breads are my ultimate downfall, too!

    Sugary fruit (apples, melon, bananas, plums, pears, raisins and dried fruit, etc) can trigger a sugar craving too. Try to stick with berries. I love frozen berries!

    Perhaps go back and reconsider the foods in the diet plan you've chosen. Atkins is a good structured one to use as a guideline until you're familiar with LC living. It's not really terribly difficult, although, if you're a lifelong carb addict like I am, it can be a challenge to adopt at first.

    I hope you can find your path - once you get solidly on it, it will work! Honest. It's worked for me and for many others. Please come to the Atkins forum and let us support you while you're trying!
    1776 days ago
    Rants are invaluable - enjoy them!

    As for sodium, if you don't have high blood pressure or other medical reason to limit your sodium intake, then please don't try to get it too low. Sodium is a very much required nutrient in our systems, and going too low can cause all sorts of problems. It's even more important when you lead an active lifestyle and sweat a fair bit.

    If you're running around the 2000-4000mg per day, then I wouldn't worry about it. Don't worry about your kids, either: being active in sports will increase their need for sodium.

    I'm speaking from the reference point of someone who grew up on low sodium due to an entire family with high blood pressure (except me) and who never developed a liking for salt. Left to myself, I have around 1200-1500mg every day, all sodium naturally occuring in my foods, which my doctors have assured me is one of the major causes behind my problems with low blood pressure! I'm now supposed to be at least 3000-4000mg per day, with the docs suggesting that I get it up to 6000mg or more if I can stand it.

    Before you go switching your diet around some more, you really might want to have a chat with your doc about what levels you and your kids are currently eating and ask whether the doc suggests the amount staying the same, going down, or going up!
    1776 days ago
  • JO74555
    i would like to apologize for my consistent rants. it's just that i really REALLY get so frustrated and the blogging helps me get it off my chest. i hope that those who take the time to read my literary rants also see the humor in them too.
    1776 days ago
  • MJRVIC2000
    Remember that there is a BIG difference between making a DECISION and making a COMMITMENT! God Bless YOU! Vic.
    1776 days ago
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