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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oh hai.

I totally miss you guys. I'm on a super tight deadline at work which I HATES but I just feel like writing, can't help myself.

So here's some random updates! I'm trying to get back to it.

I missed my 1 year Sparkiversary, which is sad (June 23) and I'm way out of touch with my awesome habits I'd developed. But enough things did stick so I seem to be holding more or less steady, rather than what I used to do when I was "off" WW which was gain weight like a sow prepping for auction.

I tracked most of June, just looked back only tracked ~5 days in July. And a couple other days where I only tracked breakfast or breakfast + lunch & never finished the day. Pathetic! So far I think I've tracked ~3 days in August. SUPER PATHETIC!

Need to track.

The good news is, I wore my Old Navy pants last week - the ones I was excited about because I finally fit in clothes from a Regular People Store instead of LB. They still fit. When I bought them they were tight in the thighs, kinda baggy in the waist. Now they are slightly less tight in the thighs (like, I can wear them without Spanx without puking at how my thigh ripples show through the fabric. Not to be ENTIRELY TOO BLUNT ABOUT IT...) and giant in the waist. I need a belt.


But anyway. So those fit, so that is good. The true test will be my size 16 LB jeans, which I plan to try on tonight. Hopefully those fit in a "can wear them all day" way, and not a "could stand around a party in them but not sit down for long" kind of way. If I can't wear them all day in the car, that means I got fatter in my time off.

I think I did get squishier... I miss my tiny trainer beast mode classes. sniffle...

I haven't weighed myself because I haven't unpacked my scale yet. I probably will not until I get a week or two of tracking under my belt, and also up my nearly nonexistent water consumption considerably. Drank a lot of water when we were painting/prepping the house/packing, because OH MY GOD IT WAS A HUNDRED AND FIVE, but since 1) it's gotten more reasonable outside and 2) I got three 12 packs of Coke Zero on sale (I have a house! I can buy 3 of something and actually have someplace to put it!) I haven't done so well with water.

Actually I think going by clothes is a positive mental thing for me right now - I'm feeling kind of Spark-restricted. Had to quit my beloved Pool Gym and can't reliably go to Cheap Gym (need to quit anyway). I have tons to do in terms of unpacking and decorating and such - mainly because we need to buy furniture and get the kitchen Kinda Functional before we have guests Labor Day Weekend! My parents, and hopefully brother and SEESTER (sil) are coming. Yay!!!

But yeah, I feel like I can't devote huge chunks of time to prepping everything from scratch right now, there's too much else to do. Also I haven't organized the kitchen so I can't find anything anyway. WHERE ARE MY LENTILS? I NEED A SPOON! RAR! Mr. Turtle did unpack and claim a home for his beer opener. PRIORITIES! ;oD

Out other smart plan was setting up the microwave & getting paper plates & plastic forks, so we don't HAVE to eat out all the time.

Other news.... I went for a run last week! First time since... uh. When was I in California?? First week of June, I think. The June run was bad. I tried to do Week 1 of C25K on the treadmill (only 60s of running at a time!), and my stupid hip was bothering me a tiny bit and the run felt way harder than I thought it should. At the time I was swimming & ST a lot so I was not THAT out of shape!!

Last week I was dog sitting (long story below!) and short version: dog = crazy so I was trying to tire him out before bedtime. I didn't track or measure the run - didn't wear my HRM or use my cell phone app, just went and jogged as long as I could, short walk breaks, more jogging, etc. I pushed myself a bit on speed a few times and that was fine. I think I ran for most of ~15 minutes, which is good! Walk breaks were no more than 2-3 minutes. Also I felt AWESOME during and after, and even the following days I did not have soreness or cranky joints. I have a few muscles that feel kind of weak and need work, but I feel much better than I felt trying to run on the 'mill. I think the answer is Run Outside On Real Ground (is greater than) treadmill.

It started pouring mid-run. Like, torrential downpour. I found it refreshing and soothing. Apparently I freaking love running in the rain. I just need a visor to keep the water out of my eyes, but otherwise can it rain every time I run please? Once I'm completely saturated I just settle into it. Love it. (Little Dog was less pleased. HOME NOW HUMAN! IS WET!)

So that's exciting. I got to get on a schedule and get in 3-4 morning runs a week BECAUSE:

Doing a 5k October 6th. Yeah. At the time I signed up I had time to redo all of C25K plus do some additional training before then. What with buying a house and all, that SO did not happen. I need to get going!

I am getting *some* activity though. It turns out living in a house with 3 floors is not the same a living in a 3rd floor apartment. In the apartment you go up the stairs when you get home, and maybe down and up again if you go pick up dinner or take out the garbage. In a 3-floor house (4 including the basement!) you run up and down the stairs all evening! Especially when the bathroom is on 2 and your bedroom is on 3 and boxes are everywhere and you don't know where anything is yet.

Food has actually not been that bad. It was worse when we were packing, and running back and forth between painting/cleaning/house stuff, and back to the apartment late at night to continue packing & sleep there. We ate out a LOT.

The biggest change since moving is no more corner bodega. I'm usually too lazy to drive somewhere, and I can't just walk around the corner to get a burger/fries/tuna melt/random snack food & soda like before. So I actually eat what's in the house!

I've been stocking the house with Bag Food (that's what we call those "microwave in a bag" complete dinners you get in the frozen food aisle.) so we have if nothing else, portion control going on. I have various lean cuisine & healthy choices so I can just grab a lunch, and bag food + extra frozen veggies for dinner. Doesn't keep me out of the vending machines during the day but I'm clamping down on it a little more each week.

The bad: Too many DD breakfasts. I've done fine just getting a not-too-terrible breakfast sandwich, but my coffees have gotten bigger and more sugar-containing.

So thanks to the sales at the grocery store last night + light bulb moment, today began Operation No Dunkin Donuts For The Rest Of August Hopefully. I got a bazillion Smart Ones breakfast sandwiches on sale, and the Keureg was already set up. I also finally found the coffee - Mr. Turtle hid it because he was using it to hold down some shelf paper that was curling up in a random cabinet.

"Have you seen the coffee?"
"It was in that grocery bag with the cereal because we packed it last, the morning of the move. I looked in all the pantry boxes and it wasn't there, but I *know* I didn't pack it in a box anyway!"
"I don't know, I haven't seen it."
"Hmmm, that's so weird! Well I didn't unpack it. And it was not empty, I'm sure of it..."

*45 minutes later open a kitchen cabinet we haven't used yet and find
1) the coffee
2) the salt, which I was looking FREAKING EVERYWHERE FOR when I made pasta the other day
3) my fiber supplement, which I was looking for when I wanted to make a Dashing Dish faux frappuccino protein shake for breakfast
4) the red pepper which I do not so much care about*

"Hey, I just found the coffee - it was in that cabinet under the toaster oven."
"Oh, yeah, I used it to hold the shelf liner down."


Anyway. So this morning was a Smart Ones instead of DD sandwich, and coffee + ice + Silk chocolate almond milk instead of DD iced coffee. I had worked my way up to a large with sugar and milk (the horror).

I'm also 3 cups of water in and it's not even noon. Score!

I dressed up cute today to remind myself 1) to track and 2) to stay out of gross snacks later. Otherwise these cute clothes won't fit for long! I want them to get too big, not too small.

Also, the little dog story.

For 3 days I was dog sitting my coworker's wee dachshund. So cute! And such a pain in my behind. I'm still getting a dog, I just need one that is slightly more lazy than me, not 10000x times more energetic. hahahahaha. Little Dog = so cute. Also, = Such a b-hole. He's adorable all day, he's just difficult at night. The first night we got 2 hours of sleep. Because he was like "Oh, humans, you are lying down in bed in the dark at night time? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS STRANGE BEHAVIOR BUT LET'S PLAY!" Running up and down the bed, jumping on Mr. Turtle and bouncing and wagging his tail... which is actually so, so hilarious. I sleep on my stomach and for some reason he would not jump on my back, but husby sleeps on his back so he'd jump on his chest all "HI MANFRIEND! LET'S GET UP NOW OKAY???!?!?!?!" He crouches in "about to jump off the bed" pose & bounces like OK COME WITH ME! ARE YOU COMING WITH?? lol.

If you put him on the floor, then he whines & cries. If you let him go downstairs, he gets a drink of water & is happy for 10 minutes, then he starts barking because 1) he forgot where we are, because he's a genius, and he wants us to come get him, and 2) he remembered we have neighbors and they are nearby and they might need to know that OMG THIS HOUSE IS NOT YOURS SO DON'T COME OVER HERE OKAY.

It's bedtime, bum! It turns out this is not his fault; at normal bedtime, his human covers him completely, including his stupid little head, with a blanket. So he does not understand that it's time for sleeping (even if he's in a bed and everyone else is $%*&^&ING SLEEPING) unless you burrito him. It's hilarious. And a pain in my behind.

The next night was better. We actually slept for more than three hours straight, then he followed me downstairs because *I* had to pee, but when I brought him back up and burrito'd him he went back to sleep. He did pretty well the rest of the night, but around 5:30 he decided I WOULD LIKE PLAYTIME AND MAYBE A WALK AND FOOD ALSO SO NO MORE SLEEPING FOR YOU LA LA LA LAAAAA. Bumhead. Hahahaha. I just got up & got dressed then after husby left for work we did snooze on the couch a little more so that was good. And it is adorable that apparently I am his Favorite Temporary Person - he follows me all around the house. At night when I took a shower he wouldn't go downstairs and play with husby (not even for Beloved Squeaky Toy), he sat outside the bathroom waiting for me. Aw. Cute.

But also insane. So yeah. Step 1 - get lazy old dog. Step 2 - dog sleeps in CRATE at night. Yes.

So that was fun, and a nice distraction from Unpacking Fest 2013, but I'd better get back to work!!!

I'm going to be tracking every day from here on out (YES I WILL DANGIT!) so hopefully I'll be on the site enough to at least drop the occasional comment.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    OMG, when I got to the dog part I about wet myself laughing! Hon, if you had let me know you would be puppy-sitting, I could have warned you. I have to burrito wrap Leo every time son is away overnight! (Which is hysterical for a little chihuahua emoticon ) and be thankful that one didn't jump on your back. Leo would have.

    You've got the right idea, though. Older, lazier, more settled (fixed!!) Dog from shelter is a good choice. (Plus no paper or potty training!)

    1708 days ago
    Thank you! I'm needing some smiles right now and you have me grinning ear to ear.
    1713 days ago
    I love your blogs. I'm glad you stopped by to say hi I miss you. emoticon emoticon
    1713 days ago
  • AMY4593 a sow prepping for auction.....the Best thing I heard all day!!! I like the way you turn a line Mrs. Turtle! Congrats on your new digs!!
    1716 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    Oh Hai yourself!

    I sure have missed you and your blogs! If I was there, I would help you unpack, I LOVE moving....yes, I am aware that I am a freak of nature!

    So funny about the dogsitting and good luck on finding one of those lazy dogs!

    1716 days ago
  • MINEA999
    So yeah you really need to stop disappearing because almost all my favouritist people on SP seem to have drifted away and this isn't good for MY progress. Because let's be honest here, it's all about me.

    Are you sure you're going to be able to find a dog as lazy as you? Ha! Sorry, couldn't help myself.

    Stop eating Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. It's not a food group. Why are you having a hard time tracking? Is it because you don't want to face the truth? You have a smartphone right? Then you have no excuse. I have tracked everything that I've eaten in the past 5 months. I could tell you what I had for dinner on March 27th (if I was so inclined to look). I even tracked that time I ate a large buttered popcorn and a whole bag of peanut m&m's (which, incidentally, turns out is an entire day's worth of calories and about 3 days worth of fat). I'm not saying I'm a saint (okay, maybe a tracking saint - which is a 'lesser' category) but I found that tracking everything really honestly opened my eyes to what I really was consuming. Now I sort of treat it as a 'bank' - I have so many calories to spend for the day (and you know that 'range' they give you? yeah no, I always go with the top number!). Anyway, hear me now and believe me later, I will be checking up on you missy!

    Sounds like you're settling into your new house really well - I'm very happy for you!

    1716 days ago
    Congrats on signing up to rock a 5k, I have yet to balls up to do it as it always feels too hard for some reason....eeek!
    I laugh at all the moving quandaries as I have moved quite often in the past 10 years & can relate to this 100%. you'll find a place for everything but the dreaded wondering where anything is in a sea of boxes always gets old fast..I'm the type to get obsessive & pull all nighters to just get it all out of boxes, I need to SEE what I have haha.

    Good luck with the tracking! you can do it!
    1716 days ago
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