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TALLY-HO, a Fox Hunting we did go!

Monday, August 12, 2013

My friend and I had SOO much fun!

emoticon was right at home w/ the half doors! Probably reminded him of being at the race track.

emoticon and I

Remember emoticon , you are no longer a race horse, ok?

Meeting the Hounds

Hound puppies!

we are on our way

I was in 'First Field'. This field is right behind the hounds and the staff and is walk, trot, canter, gallop and jump. My fried is currently jumping the coop, emoticon and I are next. He jumped everything I pointed him to!

The hounds doing their job, looking for quarry. They did find it too! We rode for about 2 hours when they picked up the scent. One hound sounded off, then another two as they caught the scent as well. Then the whole pack sounded off, they call that 'honoring' and they all came to the hound who first cried and the chase was on!

I got goosebumps hearing the hounds sound off and get goosebumps writing about it!

They coyote led us on a merry chase around the countryside and slipped away to hunt another day.

During the chase we jumped a fence and were in hot pursuit. emoticon and I were at the end of the line and let me tell you, it did not take long for him to gallop across those open fields! I am so sore today, all my muscles from holding on to him w/ my legs and my arms trying to rein him back in!

and of course, emoticon has to always do something stupid... he was jerk getting off the trailer and yes, once again, another leg injury. Thankfully it's just a small flap of skin and did not require stitches. I'll be at the barn tonight to check him out make sure he's still ok.

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