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Monday, August 12, 2013

Today's entry is not a pity party of 1 it is a factual statement..I'm feeling very alone on my weight loss journey..I know I am not taking care of myself the way I should. I know I'm not eating properly and it really pisses me off that I can't get this to click in my head that I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN..I am just way more accountable when I have a work out buddy.. I have not motivation to get out there after work and I have the want just not the will...I know I can get this I have been doing it for years, but I just can't make it stick...Sorry if this post seems like a downer post from me I just had to say it out loud to get it out of my head!!!
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  • no profile photo CD5821225
    I am sorry you are feeling discouraged. I know how you feel, sometimes it's hard to get up and do it, especially with no help around you. Just remember every step you do take is a step towards a healthier you. I would work out with you if we were closer.
    If you need someone to talk to, feel free to PM me any time you need me.
    2862 days ago
    I read on someone else's blog that they have a Spark Friend a few states away where they agree on a workout DVD for the month. They both do the DVD and report to each other. So even though there is distance, they have accountability and support.

    I do not have a work buddy either but I really try to focus on that sense of accomplishment I have when I'm finished. :)

    Hang in there! You CAN do this. Just keep trying. You'll find what works for you.
    2866 days ago
    I agree... it is more enjoyable and keeps you accountable if you have a workout buddy.

    It sounds like you received some great advice already. I agree with the workout videos and fitness group classes. Actually I met my now best friend through a group class. I started going to the boot camp class on my own and found my best friend. Now we work out all the time together.


    Please know that you always have the support from us. And I am glad you were able to get this off your mind.

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    2867 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12535725
    Sorry you're feeling so crappy about this...YOU ARE SO WORTH THE EFFORT. Don't give up on yourself...even a little bit each day means a lot.

    What if you considered all your sparkfriends your workout buddies? If you reported out your progress and efforts in your blog or activity feed. You know we will cheer you on, push you out the door, etc!

    Lots of love to you kiddo...Hang in there!
    2869 days ago
    Diamond Girl! I know you have this in you! Maybe you need to move your workout to the morning! I dont have a workout buddie either, but Jillian kicks my butt in the morning! I find that i have to push myself to workout in the evening that is why I run at night, I take my running clothes and change at work and than stop at the park to run! That way I push out the stress of the day!
    You are so worth it, and dont you ever forget it. You can always find me on line or on facebook when you need a kick in the pants to work out! You are special and important! Take care of you so you can take care of what is important to you!
    2869 days ago
  • KATIAT325
    It is hard to have the journey on your own. Why not pull some friends into some weekly activities, or even monthly activities? Organize some hikes, some workout classes, try new things, meet new people. If you even want to have a texting buddy, let me know and we can text to keep each other updated on progress and encourage each other. I do that with my friends sometimes, especially if we're having kind of slow/low/sad days, it cheers us up.

    Goodluck with the journey. It will click in your head.
    2869 days ago
    I think we all have those kind of moments on our journeys. Just keep your head up and keep going! This too shall pass! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2869 days ago
  • VALYNN26
    Aww..bestie. I am so sorry. I wish there was something I could do to help you out. It really sucks that we're so far apart. I would love to get together & kick some butt working out!! YOU CAN DO THIS!! I know you can! Just push yourself a little. When you get home & you're tired & you don't feel like doing anything, do it anyway. You'll feel so much better. I am more of a morning person though so I get up & get it done & out of the way. It always makes me feel better, so then my day usually goes better. Hang in there sweetie. No one said this journey would be easy (I know it's not), they just said it'd be worth it. It will be. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you. We can do workout/food accountability, if that would help. Just let me know. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2869 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13989785
    emoticon (((hugs))) I understand, I could not find a workout buddy either. What I did was purchase 10 exercise classes so I had a reason to go... once I met some people, I started having friends there and looking forward to it, then moved to general dropin sessions when I was on a roll... maybe that would work? It is way more fun with others, and fortunately we have SparkPeople! A place where we can come visit/chat to our heart's content whenever! Glad u r here! Hang in!!! U R so worth doing all this :)
    2869 days ago
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