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Monday, August 12, 2013

This blog will be boring except for maybe those who are trying to work on running.

Yesterday was a huge milestone for me and something I've been working on for a while. I pushed myself and tested myself and was able to run a mile straight without any walking interval. I think my time was around 12 minutes. What's weird about that is that I've have pulled 12 minute miles before---but with walking intervals. I was a bit disappointed that running straight through didn't shave any time off but I also know I wasn't pushing as hard as I could. I wasn't winded and I had set a very slow pace to insure that I would last. Now that I know I can do this, I can work on my speed.

I've been working on running at the track at the Y for the summer but was hesitant to break away from interval training. As I told someone else, I was clinging to intervals as a comfort and a "known". I've even been mixing it up and for some time, rather than doing timed intervals, I was doing length intervals. For instance, rather than walk 1 minute, run 1 minute, etc. I was walk 1/8 of a mile, run 1/8 of a mile, etc. I was also actually doing this for 3 miles, as opposed my C25K training app, which , from my calculations, only pulls in about 2 miles in a 30 min session. I was doing this a while until I was up to 1/4 mile length intervals. I then, on a whim one day, tested myself against the C25K app...and found I was running for longer amount of time than I had expected! This was very encouraging.

I decided to go back to using the C25K method, but, rather than using the final 5 minute cool down to walk, I decided to use that time to run as far as I could. SO when I tried this 3 days ago, I ran 1/2 mile but quit at that point. When I self-assessed, I realized I wasn't really winded (not like how I would get when i first started doing this!) and that it truly was a "mental quit" rather than a "physical quit". I vowed that I would try again next run to do the full mile. Tried it again last night and Voila! I did it! This was remarkable to me because I have never done that before EVER. Even more interesting, is deep inside, I knew I could have gone longer. It truly and sincerely at this point is an issue of mental strength. Focusing the mind...or maybe it's not focusing on any pain or fatigue or boredom is really the trick. I (we) are capable of some crazy things just based on our way of thinking.

One thing I will say, based on my experience with traveling last week, is that it is very very true that you shouldn't go more than a day without exercising. I had exercised on Monday, and wasn't able to on Tuesday and Wednesday. When I tried to run on Thursday it was AWFUL and I could only get halfway through my C25K session. I couldn't believe it! So I am determined to never let that happen again. I am enjoying the success of being able to run without it just killing me. I look back at where I was when I started and I just HATED every second of it. I hurt and was wheezy. It was pure torture. I don't want to have to build up to this point again so I have to, at the extreme least, maintain if I am not to improve.

I am really looking forward to my next 5K...which I think will happen in Dec. Looking at the calendar there is nothing in my area that fits with my class schedule. This semester I have a class on certain Saturdays. For the last 5 K I did, a couple of years ago, I believe my time was 42-43 mins and that was with ALL intervals. I'm pretty sure I can get it under 40 now *but* now that I have a few months and know what I am able to do, I am going to train very hard and kick some personal record butt!

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    you are AMAZING!
    2044 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2048 days ago
    emoticon I just noticed today that I too workout to a time limit...not fatigue. I was just thinking how far could I really go...And I didn't know the answer!? Love you! Love the progress! Is there a superheroine called Stamina?!
    2050 days ago
    Wow, that awesome. Once you get into running for longer distances you will see it's easier to run than it is to walk. The momentum will take you faster and farther than running and you will be father in distance when you start to fatigue. It's the best way to burn calories and the endorphins will get you hooked in no time.

    Thanks for your support this past weekend. Hope your sweetie is home safe and sound. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2051 days ago
    WooHoo!! You're doing great.
    2051 days ago
    Great job, before injuries I was training using the C5k. I never made it to the end with total running so I am impressed with yours.
    Way to GO!
    2051 days ago
    LOOK at you Go girl !! So proud of you and all your progress and learning.. So glad to be doing it with you ...


    xo ,
    2051 days ago
    Running is sooooo very very mental and it sounds like you are jumping over the mental barrier. That's awesome, congrats!!! Some people are naturally good at intervals of walking and running. I've never walked in a race, but have been blown away by walk/runners. It's just the way you train your body! Once my body stops, it shuts down completely so I always have to run!! To each their own. Good luck with the next 5k!
    2051 days ago
  • LORI2562
    Good Stuff Holley!

    emoticon on your success!!
    2051 days ago
  • no profile photo SUEPERWOMAN

    You're doing GREAT !! Running toward success! emoticon
    2051 days ago
  • MONAKIN314
    Great Job!
    2051 days ago
  • NHES220
    Wow, such great progress! I totally know what you mean about the mental thing. I struggle with it myself. I am doing better since coming back from my hamstring injury. I think not being able to run made me want it more, go figure. However, I am taking it slow going back it. I am training for a 10k at the end of September. I am doing intervals to train so I do not re-injure myself. This week I am going to try running 4 minutes/walking 2 minutes. Last week was running 2 minutes/walking 1 minute for 3 miles and I did pretty well with it. So way to go, beat the mental fatigue and you can conquer anything!
    emoticon emoticon
    2051 days ago
    I have never been a runner....not when younger.....not when lighter. Our daughter, when in high school, was on the track team one year (there was a guy she liked who was on the track team:) I have been in awe of people who love to run. It is an amazing process. You are doing great! Hugs, Laurel
    2051 days ago
    A 12-min mile is a really good time. Many of my runs are over that on average per mile. My first fully run mile was closer to 14 mins. When you do walk/run intervals, you're running a lot faster, a speed that's closer to a sprint and harder to maintain for a full mile, because your body isn't meant to spring for more than a minute or two. It's anaerobic exercise, and you need oxygen to survive. I can probably walk/run a mile faster than I can run it even still, but that doesn't say anything about my run speed - it's just a different kind of exercise.

    Congrats! :)
    2051 days ago
    Wowwwwwwwwww - this is so awesome!

    One of my goals is to be able to run a mile straight without walking, and I still haven't gotten there yet. Some days I can run longer, but I feel like the next day I'm back at square one. Any tips?!?!?! I am about to throw in the towel and be a walker forever!

    Your next 5k is going to be LEGIT. Now you are going to run run run and I bet set a new record! It is only up from here missy, you're a RUNNER!!!!!!!!!!
    2051 days ago
    Good for you, Holley!! So AWESOME :-)
    You GO Girl!!!

    love you,
    2051 days ago
    Wow! What an amazing accomplishment! I am so excited for you and can't wait until I can do the same! You are so right about it being a mental battle! I had already discovered that with diet, and now I am realizing it is true for running as well! We limit ourselves with what we "think" we can do. I am supposed to run 6 minutes straight with my training this week and I am trying really hard not to defeat myself before I even start! You are doing awesome! I am so proud of you!
    2051 days ago
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