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Some more pics to share on why I fight so hard to save our home!

Monday, August 12, 2013

emoticon The fight continues...last night I worked late into the night to chronicle the 3 1/2 years of fraud we have experienced in the banks ducking, dodging, and weaving their web of deceit and lies.

Honestly they have tried EVERY form of crime in the book! This all has to be laid out in sequential order WITH the documents that PROVE the crimes they are trying so hard to cover up. It's downright exhausting! emoticon

I wish I would have kept a master file of all of the dates and occurrences on those dates which I did until I turned things over to our first lawyer. After that...because I was paying HIM to keep track of the stuff I lost track of my date sequence. Then moving onto a second team of lawyers after I realized this first guy was just collecting his monthly fees without doing much of anything to defend our case...things got even more jumbled. This second group of lawyers were very pro-active and there were pleadings filed ALL over the place.

But still...in so many words they have told me that the courts don't care. As a homeowner in FL you are WRONG even if you are RIGHT...so the next step has to go higher than the court system up to the State level and beyond that to the Government level.

Wish me luck...they don't care much about the lowly little homeowners either. It's 'Good luck Lucy' on this one too.

The next logical course would be the news media...but if you go to youtube you will find taping after taping of the news lambasting the banks on this...a lot of those were clear back in 2011. Two years later...things are pretty much same ole' same ole'....homeowners getting tossed right and left (at least in FL) no matter if they can prove fraud or if not. emoticon

It's all pretty darn discouraging...but yet I fight on...miracles DO happen every day!

Here's some more pics of our beautiful home and the reason why~

Our kitchen is GREAT...big and functional. I was going to add granite at one point to the counter tops...soooo glad we didn't make THAT investment. We aren't doing any upgrades and the least amount of maintenance possible...why would we to improve for the stinking bank's profit? I'm just sorry that they can get away with this...it's truly mafia strong armed tactics! emoticon I'll be adding pics and saving the blog as I go along so as not to lose it with too many pics...yep...it's happened MORE than once! emoticon Annoying!

We sprang for the oversized cabinets and their was a MAJOR riff between the hubs and I on installing the kitchen island...he thought it would be in the way...I said I need the storage..AND it is wired for electrical...case in point...I won! emoticon AND I use this island MORE than any other space in the kitchen....what the heck do MEN know about kitchen function?

Here's a view from the front of the house looking back into the breakfast area off the kitchen.

We seldom use this space...probably because the table and chairs aren't the most comfy. This set was originally bought for the outside patio area...but with the horrific heat here in FL...it was never used out there...so inside it came. I like the glass top table because it will always make a small area look larger... emoticon Okay...I can' HELP but add a few little decorating tips here and there. emoticon

Here's the built in kitchen desk...I never use this area...I have a thing about having wide open spaces in front of me when I sit at a desk...isn't that weird? I sold my upstairs desk with the hutch attached for the very same reason! Must be all the years I was cramped up in a cubby at work before I got a great promotion to a corner office...or I'm flat out claustrophobic!

Here's the kitchen bar with our barstools. I got these from our consignment gallery and love em! I sit at the bar and menu plan all the time. You can also see the groovy arch that leads to a little anthem that connects the master sitting room to the living room area. When we were drawing this up on the house plans I thought this was a weird feature...now I understand it HAD to be for the traffic flow....otherwise you'd be walking circles to get from one side of the house to another. THANK goodness for savvy architects! emoticon

Off of the kitchen and breakfast nook is our leisure room and this is where we spend the majority of our time in the house. I have 'Slim' my treadmill set up there and she folds up compactly for when company comes. I don't really like seeing her there...but at least if I have to 'trip' over her daily...you can be sure I'm going to use her...and that's really the point isn't it? If we stay in the house I'll probably make a dedicated workout room out of one of Josh's bedrooms. He had two on one side of the house connected by a bathroom. I won't be sharing those pics just because they are so personal and I like to keep them private out of respect to my 'Josher'. emoticon

Oohhh before the leisure room a shot of our ample pantry this goes under the entire staircase that goes upstairs to my jewelry studio....it's the BOMB!

Now the leisure room...I got this AWESOME old Irish hutch from our consignment gallery...it's the REAL deal...came all the way over from Ireland from some antiquities dealers...still has the original bee pollen wax on it! I LOVE antiques sprinkled in amongst your decor...they add sooo much charm and character to a home! emoticon Don't ya think?

Here's a shot into the leisure room. I LOVE this part of our home! I still have the same paint colors on the walls that I labored over selecting when we built the place back in 2001. I guess I picked the right colors because I've never felt the need to change them. And I was a pioneer for painting different walls in the same room different but coordinating colors. My girlfriends thought I was CRAZY... emoticon now it's common place...aha...just call me 'cutting edge' Bobbi! emoticon

That wonderful old French Buffet was given to us by some very wealthy clients that we took care of for over 10 years. When they moved to Coconut Grove, FL they wanted a more contemporary look. I was ONLY too happy to receive her cast offs! This does bow a little in the middle...but I'm sure it could be hoisted up with the right carpenter.

We put our big screen on it and I usually don't like seeing a t.v. sitting in such a prominent spot...but... we are dyed in the wool movie buffs so it doesn't matter much to me. I also added the two bookcases on either end for more symmetry and the ever needed storage. The color of the wood blends nicely with the buffet color and the height helps offset the big screen. The carved wall plaque above the television pulls the area together. I like~y! emoticon
You can see sweet little Keanu cat snoozing...his favorite thing to do!!

Here's a little detail of one of the bookcases. Plants are the perfect filler when you are tying spaces together. Unusual statues and items of the exotic always add interest. We also have LOTS of pics of our beautiful Josh everywhere...big sad sigh...he's ALWAYS in our hearts and minds! emoticon

Here's a SWEET asian chest I snapped up from our consignment gallery. Asian NEVER goes out of style...no matter where you live! This has tons of storage and it was from an extremely 'high end' designer to the trade only...okay...I've still got a little bit of designer snob in me...had to have it!

One more shot of the leisure room looking across to the breakfast nook.

And...our sweet senior kitty cat...our little brown boy..Keanu. emoticon

Oh my gosh...the time is getting away from me...I'll have to make this a 3 part blog...more tomorrow.

Thanks for your prayers and good wishes...heaven knows PRAYERS can move mountains...thank you for being such wonderful sparkling friends...I appreciate you SO VERY much! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Lovely, warm home - My prayers are that you get this mess settled.
    1742 days ago
    You have such a lovely home! I know you have so many memories in that house and want to continue to make more. I think it's good that you didn't share pics of Josh's room. I think that's a pretty private place that you don't want to share. I love your little tidbits of decorating tips here and there!

    You must keep fighting until you don't have a choice anymore!! I wish I could help but the only thing I can do is let you know that I'm here for you like the rest of your friends. We're all here hoping upon hope, praying and sending lots of positive thoughts your way that you will win!

    The good has to prevail over evil this time! It just has to!! I'm continuing to keep my fingers crossed for you and sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way!

    Love ya like you were my real mom!

    Love, kisses and big hugs! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Your virtual daughter
    1742 days ago
    Lovely pics Bobbie! You have a beautiful home and worth fighting for. (((Hugs))))
    1742 days ago
    beautiful blog Bobbi........No wonder you're fighting for this place ( beautiful place, ideas for organingzing pieces ( I'm visual ) emoticon

    the idea that the bank wants to takes people homes AWAY for wrong reason-- ( u explain being faithful to the payments and bank wants more outta u and other people in silmiar situation ($$$$$) is pure greed beyond belief and makes me want cry too.) emoticon

    Hope the hassles of bank will end soon and still praying for u. emoticon
    1743 days ago
    1744 days ago
    What a gorgeous home! I looked through your last blog too. We have a lot of the same tastes! I love giraffes for one-got quite a few in my house!
    Florida has some weird laws and they all seem to go to the higher establishments sides! Sometimes wish I had never moved here!
    I sure hope all this hard work you are doing pays off and you get to keep your home! Good luck! Keep up the good fight! emoticon
    1745 days ago
    I love the pictures of your home. I especially like the Asian piece. You are right in that it never goes out of style.
    I pray that everything goes well.
    What is the sq. footage of your house if you don't mind my asking?
    1745 days ago
    Love your decorating. Thanks for the tips. It gave me an idea of a place to put a plant in my house!
    1745 days ago
    Beautiful. Keep fighting. I'm pulling for your miracle!
    1745 days ago
    I just want to cry. emoticon I want you to win so tell the lawyers that you will help them help you - more bang for your buck AND time. I wish I had something smart to say to help you. emoticon Thanks for sharing your beautiful story and photos, and give my love to Keanu.

    Love, Chelsea emoticon
    1745 days ago
  • SHEL_V2
    It hurts to look, and think how much time you've spent worrying about holding on. Hoping resolution comes.
    1746 days ago
    1746 days ago
    Beautiful home! So many ideas for decorating our place.
    1746 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    1746 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1746 days ago
    1746 days ago
    Very nice. Your use of color really accents the furniture placement. I did a two tone in my living room, but in was in the same color family so it doesn't "pop" like yours does.

    Keep fighting! emoticon

    1746 days ago
    It is a lovely house and I wish you luck with your fight. I am moving out of my house after 3 years of fighting with my lender. I empathize with your struggle!
    1746 days ago
    What a fabulous house!! I love how you've decorated it!! I agree about the glass topped table, too. Helps a little space look bigger! Your pantry looks a lot like mine except my food stuffs have to share space with my washer and dryer! hehe We have a pantry/laundry room!
    You keep fighting the good fight, my friend!! Somewhere along the line, somebody will notice how long you've been fighting for the right decision on this mortgage business and simply settle in your favor!!! I truly think you need to write this as a book!!! Go ahead, if you haven't already, and secretly start putting it together! Include a lot of your blogs with pics! Add another chapter as it happens!
    Still praying for you to keep your lovely home. The daggoned shiesters!!!! And everyone of them to at least get scared that they might lose their homes at some point so they'll have a taste of what they have done to you! (OK that wasn't nice, but they shouldn't be out to hurt folks like that!)
    Love ya, Bobbi! Hope you will have a fantastically fabulous day!! (((HUGS)))
    1746 days ago
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