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My First Mud Run - Muck Ruckus 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yesterday, August 10, 2013, my son and I did our first mud run. It was a 5 mile run with 20+ mud pits and obstacles along the way. We were both so excited we could hardly wait.

At the starting line the emcee said, "If you didn't train for this you should have. If you DID train for this, you didn't train enough." Oh boy, did we ever find that to be true!

The race began by the participants being sprayed down before entering a long mud pit about 100 feet into the race.

This was followed by giant swinging balls you had to weave through to avoid waist-deep mud troughs. How do I know how deep they were? Because I got knocked into one by the first ball that hit me. UGH!

A couple more obstacles and then we had a nice uphill run for a bit as a "break" from the tough stuff. The number of hills on this course, particularly at the beginning, was alarming.
I was so out of breath after the next obstacle (sand hills) I had to walk for the next mile or so (ALL uphill). I was honestly concerned at that point that I was going to have to walk most of the race. NOT COOL after building up my miles to running 5.
The majority of the next several miles was primarily like a hilly trail run but with mud pits anywhere from knee to chest deep mud/water every 1/4 mile or so with a few other types of obstacles here and there. During this time I was able to get my breath and confidence back and run on and off regularly. Once we got to the last mile or so, there were heavy obstacle again, with this lovely muddy hill in between a couple of them.

Here I am on the rope hanging on for dear life to not fall into another mud pit.

Well, there were several other obstacles, such as the swing set which was a large swing that you had to swing and drop into 6 feet of water then swim to the other side, a rock wall ledge you had to climb along sideways, tunnels to crawl through in the mud and more.
We finished will BIG smiles on our muddy faces! We're already planning to do it again next year!

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