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Why the 'save our home' fight is so important! ....pics...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

emoticon So my sparkling friends you've suffered through countless 'slogs' about me lamenting about the 'save our house' fight.

I got to thinking...maybe you should see why this all out war is so very important to me. I really have no pics that I've taken of our beautiful home other than the few I have shared on my pic page of my upstairs jewelry studio. I thought I might as well take some to preserve for prosperity in the event that we aren't successful in saving our sanctuary.

It's quite possible we won't prevail...so I might as well have a few pictures to preserve precious memories. While I'm preserving them for me I'm sharing them with you.

Friends share those kind of things don't they?

I certainly CAN move on if we don't prevail...I've always been able to pick myself up and dust myself off and start all over again...but as the hubs and I get up there in years...it surely isn't as easy as it always was before. He will be a ripe ole' 66 in March and I'll be in my early 60's come January. Sigh.... emoticon you lose some of that vim and vigor...as time travels on.

We've survived some pretty challenging things in our world. We almost lost our beautiful son during childbirth...he was 10 lbs 11 oz....the doctor had NO clue he was that large even though I told him my daughter was a little over 9 lbs during her birth 13 years prior. Josh collapsed a lung and broke his collarbone and was in intensive care for days before he was able to come home.

When he was only 9 months old we almost lost him again in a very serious car accident where another driver darted out in front of me from a stop sign on a super busy highway. His vision was completely blocked by two lanes of traffic to the side and in front of our car....yet this guy decided he could make it across 6 lanes of traffic to the other side anyhow. I didn't see him, obviously he didn't see me...and our car caught his back quarter panel at a pretty good clip of speed moving with the speed of traffic on this busy highway.

He could have died himself...which in itself would have been AWFUL...but instead our precious baby boy was hurled out of his car seat strapped into the back seat and flung into the front passengers head rest. He went into severe seizures from the head trauma and had to be air lifted to Miami Children's Hospital.

This was before seat belts were the big rage...so I was hurled out of the driver's seat THROUGH the windshield and actually could have been run over by another car! emoticon

When they called my husband to tell him about the accident they said your wife is in bad shape, but we don't know if we will be able to save your son! emoticon Wow...and they wonder why people get into more car accidents on their way to the hospital after this kind of news! emoticon

Josh was in intensive care for 6 weeks, the general section of the hospital for another 2 weeks and then came home to 24 hour registered nursing care for almost another year! emoticon He continually had to go back and forth to Miami Children's Hospital because they had to do surgeries and check ups on his bronchial tube that had to be inserted at the time of the accident so he could breath.

BUT we almost lost him yet again to a nurse that I had complained about to the nursing agency as 'not right'...I told them I didn't want her back on Josh's case. I didn't trust her to be with Josh all day while I was at work. I had continue working even before I really was ready to go back to keep our insurance in place. I told the nursing agency that I thought this nurse acted really 'off'...and didn't feel comfortable entrusting our son to her care.

This was long before we started our construction business and I worked for a large S&L in Human Resources.

The agency said that they were short handed and could she PLEASE come back one more day until they found an a.m. replacement?

Again...against my better judgment (that hinky~inner feeling that something is NOT right) I grudgingly said yes. I had my own doctor's appointment that day, otherwise I would have called in sick....but I had to keep that doctor's appointment for my own healing progression...I wish I would have rescheduled it.

That crazy nurse almost killed our baby boy AGAIN emoticon by leaving him unattended with a rectal thermometer in him on a high chest that we used as his changing table.

He rolled off the table and impaled himself with this thermometer! When I got the call at my doctor's office I freaked out completely! All I could think about was mercury poisoning! My baby boy...more suffering!

We later found out that the nurse was stealing drugs from her geriatric patients...she was totally HIGH while on duty. She had left Josh on the changing table, gone to the kitchen to make a fancy salad for herself and totally FORGOT that Josh was in the bedroom.

Yes...that agency SHOULD have been sued...but we were in so much shock and still rheeling from the car accident and I just didn't have the strength. My mistake on that one! At least our pediatrician pulled her license so she could never do that to some other family.

Okay...now you have background on how much our son meant to us...he was like a cat with nine lives...or so we thought. He was our EVERY thing...so even though it seems morbid to some to want to stay in a house that we lost him in...it is a comfort to me...I can look around the rooms and go into his bedroom any time I want and feel very close to him. This house is full of a lot of happy memories, it's a reminder of all the hopes and dreams we can still envision... like we did so many years earlier...it's a place I cherish and feel safe in.

This house is MUCH more than just concrete block and timber! It is something that the hubs and I designed, hand picked the lot, then pondered if it were the RIGHT lot...while sitting on upside down buckets before the house was built...just listening to the breeze flowing through trees that had been back in those wetlands since prehistoric times.

During those 'bucket sitting times' we were envisioning living in a home with the FL wetlands backing up to our back door, reaching around us like nourishing arms full of wildlife and greenery....creating a safe haven for our family to grow and flourish in.

It WAS an exciting time in our lives. By that time had created from the ground up...a very successful construction business we had our beautiful recovered son and big hopeful joy for a great family future.

This house is ALL a part of those hopes and dreams! It's MUCH more than just a house sitting on a street that is nothing more than a statistic for a greedy gut bank to move off their troubled asset schedule.

Some of you also know that we lost our son in this home. He died of an accidental drug overdose...at least I PRAY it was accidental...I'll never know for sure...because his dad and I were thousands and thousands of miles away on a cruise ship celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary with a large group of friends.

Some of you also know...that I didn't want to go on that cruise...that every single 'mother danger gene' inside me was on high alert and I told the hubs that I wanted to cancel the cruise and rebook one in December that we could take Josh on with us. Of course our friends and he kicked up a big 'to do' over attempting to back out of a trip that was paid for and had been scheduled months and months before. I caved to peer pressure...why DO we go against our own intuition and do things we KNOW we shouldn't do?

I had just been in NYC with our son for a 10 day mother/son vacation...he was an aspiring film-maker, a bright eyed, busy tailed... 22 year old and he wanted to attend the Tribeca Film Festival and take a screenwriters course from one of his favorite teachers.

I knew how important this trip was to Josh. He was SO disappointed that he couldn't start his Film School 'Full Sail' in Orlando when he saw so many of his friends leave home to go off and into the world to start their careers.

Sadly for Josh...he had a set of 'helicopter parents' who hovered around him much too closely...fearing for his safety having almost lost him so many times before. This isn't good for a kid's self esteem...but I couldn't see it...even phantom it back then. I just wanted my son safe...at all costs.

Josh had some responsibility proving to do to his dad before we committed to an $80,000 education debt at Full Sail. His dad said 'no way...no how...was he going to commit to that type of cash outlay until Josh could prove himself more responsible. He said he wasn't going to finance Josh going up to Orlando to 'party hardy' until he could prove to us that he was mature enough to handle the task. Josh was a 'free spirit' if he were anything and highly influenced by other kids that took advantage of his generosity and his good heart.

Being the artistic type (like his mother) I understood...routine is boring...but it IS necessary to get the bills paid.

His dad and I had set a sterling example of what hard work looked like with our construction biz. We had ekked out a successful enterprise...surely NOT by accident...we ran 6 crews 6 days a week...and didn't even take our first vacation for 10 years...but after 20+ years of that dedication to hard work we were very proud of our accomplishments.

With only two working principles we had built up a million dollar enterprise.

Yes....for two kids from Iowa...we thought we had hit the 'golden life'....you have to be careful of that type of success going to your head...and my oh my...how life can change in one instant. Once you lose someone who is MORE important to you than your own self...no amount of money or reputation means a darn thing!

Here's the house....I have so many pics I'll have to make this a 2 parter...I have a busy day ahead of me...but wanted to let you know why this house Is SO worth the fight!

We'll start at the front door...welcome to our humble abode! emoticon I'm also saving it and adding to it as I go along...I don't want to lose this blog due to all the pics! emoticon Yep...sometimes I'm smart about stuff like that! emoticon I'll try to add at least 6 pics to this blog just so you know. Tomorrow I'll try to finish up the house tour...have fun!

I love creating little interesting vingettes...just like i've done at our consignment gallery.

Check out this cute little guy at the front door that greets you by lighting up.

I also love this cool old chest with a marble top. It has a few little chips...but i think those just add character. This is on the wall right near the front entrance. I got this cool old vintage chest for only $60 from one of my fav thrift shoppes...yes...I shop consignment too!

This is a wonderful BIG pic I got from a famous artist in Indonesia...it's a huge watercolor palm tree and is directly across from our entry way...you can't see it real well but I wall papered this entire wall extending down the hallway into the guest bedrooms. It's a really cool wall paper...looks kind of like cork.

Here's a shot from the front entry door all the way back to the sliders off the patio. It's a great LONG room and perfect for entertaining!

Here's another fav decorating accent of mine...3 giraffes...I love em! Don't you just love kitchy stuff to add personality and character to your home! I can't tell you HOW long it took me to search out and acquire all of this uber cool stuff! What a shame if I have to get rid of it for a much smaller place...or a place where it would look silly if we move to the mountains! emoticon

Here's a shot of the living room. I LOVE these seagrass chairs...but they aren't very practical...they scratch REALLY easy!

The other side of the living room. I LOVE this cool old wall hanging candelabra. It usually has a bunch of candles in it during the holiday season. I found this up in N. Carolina...it has MUCH character. Almost all of my pieces have a big story behind them...I LOVE stories...can't you tell? I bore you to DEATH with mine! emoticon

Oh...and here's a shot of our coffered ceiling in the living room. I about killed myself wall papering this area with a 'too short' ladder. I actually did a little bit each day before I had to go into work...then worked the whole day and came home and started again. Where DID all of that energy go?

Now the dining room which is right off the front entry and near the living room.

We've had SO many GREAT entertaining parties in this room. It's plenty spacious and since the area flows so well you can add plenty of other tables and everyone can still be together without being relegated to the kitchen. emoticon emoticon It pains me to think we might have to go to a place that has no room for entertaining our large circle of friends...but whatever happens...we'll adjust...I just DON'T like to think of having something we worked SO hard for stolen from us by creepsters..that are only getting it by fraud and bogus documents they had to cook up because they don't have the note or the mortgage to prove they even have ownership! emoticon If we sued someone for something WE'D have to prove that we owned it or had claim to it...doesn't work that way with the stinking banks!

Another shot of the dining room.

A shot of our 'happy budha' in the dining room...he's a cutie patootie for sure!

I'll end here for today...the house tour recommences sometime tomorrow. Thanks for being a guest in our beautiful home! emoticon

You'd FIGHT your guts out too.... for something you designed, worked your heart out, and buildt...wouldn't you? emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Really gorgeous!
    1744 days ago
    Awesome House Bobbie! So much love you can see was put in to everything, Sending prayers for a ending to this nightmare you have to endure. I dont know how you do it although i know Josh is guiding you along the way. Its not fair when we lose our kids that we still have all this stuff we have to deal with. Good Luck Friend. Love you emoticon
    1745 days ago
    You have a beautiful home! Thank you for sharing the pics of it with us! It's quite obvious how much love and attention you have put into everything in your home. It's your home whether it's a beautiful place like it is or something not quite as nice and you deserve to keep it either way.

    Thank you also for sharing more stories about Josh. You and your DH have been through alot with Josh and your home. I am so keeping my fingers crossed that the good guys will win in the end! We're all behind you in this fight. I just wish there was something more we could do.

    Sending you much love and hugs and of course the positive vibes for keeping your home! emoticon emoticon Your virtual daughter!

    Oh and your blogs are never boring!
    1745 days ago
    Again, thank you so much for opening up and sharing your story with us. I love looking at the pictures of your beautiful home. I also love the stories that go with each decoration.
    1747 days ago
    First of all, thank you for sharing more stories about Josh and the reasons behind your so wanting to keep your home. I would also fight to keep my home no matter what, but the endearing stories about Josh make it more so.
    Second of all, my curious mind wants to know the square footage of your home as I see so many beautiful things in it that would never fit into my home.
    Third of all, even if you have to send a private e-mail, I never knew you had a daughter. You don't mention her at all in previous posts. Are you estranged from her? You know me and my need to understand things. I hope that you will respond to me.
    I still pray that everything goes well with your home. The government (or establishment) doesn't care about us little people and that's a shame.
    I can't find the angel wings in the emoticons. Do you know what tab they are under because that is what I wanted to send to you?

    1748 days ago
    I so understand your journey as I am in the same space and I will not give up. Keeping you in prayer!
    1748 days ago
    Bobbi -
    Thanks so much for sharing - your stories, your thoughts, your home. I'm still sending out prayers and good wishes and good vibes that you win and the bank takes it in the cajones for what they've pulled. Keeping everything crossed and sending love and good wishes,
    1748 days ago
    1748 days ago
    what a pretty home..... never give up!
    1748 days ago
    Wow what a gorgeous home. I feel in my bones that it will be yours for many more years!
    1749 days ago
    It is a beautiful home! I love your decorating style. The wallpaper in the coffered ceiling is really awesome!

    You fight. Very sad the state of affairs our country is in when we have to take on the banks and the government to have what we worked so hard for.

    You are a fighter and a survivor. Keep the faith.
    I'll be praying for you!
    1749 days ago
    I agree with Justme, and your home is absolutely stunning. Crossing everything I have that you'll win this fight so you can go on with your life.

    1749 days ago
    A beautiful home!!!!!!!!!!! Sending prayers your way!!!!
    1749 days ago
    You have a beautiful home. I look forward to more pictures!!

    Honey, you don't bore me. I look forward to your blogs. You are so full of fight! I love it. I will just keep the good ju-ju coming your way. Winning is NOT impossible.
    1749 days ago
    What a beautiful home! I knew you would have it decorated with a personal artistic flair.

    You have been through so much both with Josh and your home (as well as a lot of other things). I really hope you get to keep it. You have so many memories there.

    I am enjoying the book tremendously. I'm still in the first half of it. I haven't some across the self-evaluation test yet, but I already think she has me pegged. I would love to have someone like her for my main doctor.
    1749 days ago
    Constant prayers for you to never have to lose this beautiful home!!! Love ya, Bobbi!
    1749 days ago
    What a beautiful home AND Florida style!! emoticon I was hoping that this month was the last of the rotten court dates, etc. so you guys could just live your lives in peace. emoticon Of course, no matter what they do (or don't do), you will still have your memories, momentos, memories and beautiful things. Thanks for keeping us posted and I hope that writing helps you deal with all the stress better and know that your name is in my church's prayer circle. God bless you.

    Love, Chelsea emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1749 days ago
    Beautiful home.
    1749 days ago
    Bobbi, what a beautiful home. I hope and pray that the loan modification goes through and you are able to keep your home.
    1749 days ago
    WOW it is lovely and a mansion for sure!!! our 1800 sq foot house pales and I dont have your decorating ideas. And the house in the woods that we ant to make 670 sq ft total lol well............ lol but that's what we can probably afford and enjoy if we want to keep our 34 ft 5th wheel. choices but I don't want big anyway, and big would be 12 hundred sq ft. lol
    Can't wait fro tomorrow!
    1749 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    That's beautiful! Even if it weren't though, it's your house and of course you're going to fight for it. I would totally fight for mine too, although it's nothing fancy like yours. It's home, and people fight to protect home.
    1749 days ago
  • MIMO11
    What a lovely home. You absolutely must fight for it.
    1749 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your home with me Bobbi. It is beautiful! You put so much love in to it. I can tell. I love the giraffes. Your so right. They would look tight in the mountains. Come to think of it I'm not sure you would fit in there either for the long haul. :)
    1749 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    1749 days ago
    1749 days ago
    As I have seen your home I know it is beautiful. Your kitchen is awesome.
    1749 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us. You have obviously put a lot of time and heart into it.

    Deanna emoticon
    1749 days ago
    Bobbi, You have a gorgeous home and such a flair for decorating. You could make a hut look beautiful I'm sure! Thanks for sharing.

    1749 days ago
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