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Recouping from Hawaiian Hell Vacay....

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hi all, So local sis and I made the trip to Hawaii together to see Sis #2 new place on the big island, all her horses (14) , big place with so much potential if one had the time and inclination to make it come alive. Tall order, lots of work! She invited my hubs and I to move in, but based on the 10 days of constant arguing between my sisters, I'd say it would be a mistake at this point! Plus, gotta try and get mom back up to speed. She has been in rehab nearly 2 months and seems to be getting weaker and worse. Looking at MAYBE getting her out early by the end of the month IF she can stand up on her own and walk unassisted. ::Crossing my fingers:::

My local sister who came along on the trip was determined to make it the best trip ever....I guess because they were always fighting, she tried to make it 'fun' by buying me things. Bought me a beautiful estate piece ivory and silver necklace....and then later, after we were drugged up for the flight home, wandered into a Louis Vuiiton store and holy cow, she bought herself a $600 belt and insisted on buying me a bag I was drooling over- The LV OLYMPE-monogram. It' was so ridiculously priced, that I'm considering putting it on my home owners insuracne!!!! hahaha feeling guilty about accepting such an outrageous over the top gift....but I guess I'll keep it. She says she will feel insulted and offended if I take it back!

So we survived the the vacation from hell and trying to get back into the routine here.
I'm do to house sit for local sis now so she can take a road trip with a friend to Las VEgas.

Other then that. I've gotten exactly 2 workouts in this month and feel so WEAK, I hate feeling weak. Need to remember that also, when I find myself skipping workouts. Love the feeling of ripping through them and feeling good....but not the rebuilding feeling, were I have to take so many more breaks....but I did it anyway, with more breaks,just to say I did it!!

Hope you are all well!!!!
Miss you!!

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