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Don't take 'NO' for an answer when your life depends on justice!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

emoticon Another harrowing delay at yesterday's pre-trial conference regarding our foreclosure status. Most of you know we have been fighting a MEGA fight against our lender to save our home from foreclosure.

Most of you also know that it's one step forward and ten steps backward with the underhanded and outright criminal tactics the banks are allowed to get away with in their quest to steal homesteaded houses from homeowners.

Now you may ask...why this 'save our house fight' blog in a weight loss site?

I blog because It's my REAL life!

And REAL life certainly affects our health and our weight loss issues. If we are constantly stressed most of the time...and believe me...you don't KNOW stress until you start thinking if you are going to have a roof over your head tomorrow.. the quick fix for many of us is to stuff down feelings about the unknown with something that offers comfort. For most of us food is comfort.

But I've learned since joining Spark 3 years ago...food is NOT always the answer. So what else to get to the root of the stress...for me it's blogging it out.

Putting things in written form allows them to go out of my head and onto the computer screen. That opens up a window in my mind to concentrate on the here and now...and the here and now...is always...what's next to save our home?

I do this for the hubs and I...but I also do it for the thousands and thousands of hard working trusting homeowners out there that are too discouraged, or too confused to fight for justice.

Remember how long it took for the civil rights movement to make any traction. But did Martin Luther King Jr. give up...heck no....he just organized his next rally!! emoticon It's going to take that kind of strength in numbers and that kind of human resolve to raise up against the evil empire and call them out for the crooks and gangsters they are!

If you just CAVE and let them step over your defeated body...they win...I CAN'T let them win without giving it every last bloody nose, busted leg, black eye fight I can come up with.

The lawyer's just aren't cutting it. Even though they are one of the premier law firms that fight foreclosure actions here in SW FL they are overcome with the sheer numbers of deseperate people they are representing.

If they were fighting on a level playing field and had the civil court's support this national tragedy would have been over as soon as it started.

But they don't...the court system is as biased and as flawed and as tainted as the mortgage industry and they are only TOO happy to let the banks hood wink them and look the other way in applying justice to their people...their people should be the taxpayers that elect them to their offices and pay them their salaries...but it isn't. They have used funds earmarked to go back to the homeowners that were cheated out of their homes in the first place to bring in retired judges and pay them $300 dollars a day to toss out homeowners on their rocket docket. These retired judges don't care a whit about pissing off homeowners because they don't have to worry about being re-elected so the judges that SHOULD be residing over this cesspool are relived of the responsibility. They get to duck the issue...exactly the same as the crooked servicers~ ain't life all hunky dory when you have money and power?

Soooo our attorney gave me the first hint that we should be looking elsewhere when we went to our mediation meeting on the 26th of this month. He told us that we should file a complaint with the Attorney General's office about how we were dual tracked into foreclosure. Dual tracked means we were paying and HAD been paying for 10 long months an APPROVED trial modification payment. This was a modification that we begged and pleaded and yammered for an ENTIRE year before it happened. Then we were told we HAD to go late before we would even be CONSIDERED for help.

If this isn't entrapment I don't know what would be. It took the slow moving goliath THAT long to get all of their robo-signed, forged, and fraudulent documents together. But hey...as long as they could skim a little more money off the top...why not stuff that into their pockets also?

Our attorney told us this but also told us...we didn't hear it from him. Now why would THAT be...it's because attorney's have that same wall of protection around themselves that the medical field have. They don't rat each other out...even though...most, not ALL of them are rats of the same brotherhood.

I'm certainly not saying our legal firm is...I think they are dedicated, hardworking, wonderful people...truly fighting for 'the cause'....but I also know that being the smart, brilliant, legal professionals they also are...they know when 'the cause' is a lost one. emoticon Therefore his remark.

If the courts won't mete out justice you have to go above the court system. I'm not holding my breathe...but I'll give it a try if it comes from my attorney...a man I truly trust and adore...even if it was delivered to us in his 'shsshhh..shush......wink, wink, didn't come from him manner. emoticon

He was telling us that the courts determine you wrong even when you are right here in SW FL.

On yesterday's conference meeting before yet a different judge...and I object to this also because their is never any continuity with their knowledge of the our case... he told us that he was VERY surprised that that Judge didn't set a date for trial. He fully expected this would be the situation even though we are in negotiations for yet another modified payment plan.

Once a case is set for trial...it's pretty much over. The judge is the trial...if it were put before citizens who have any practical understanding of someone who tried their best to work with the system but could clearly see the system is corrupt...you'd be awarded your home in a NY minute. This is exactly WHY the judges make the determination to oust you from your beloved home. They believe the banks no matter how much it's been proven over and over and OVER that the banks lie...those banks are the ones that fund their pension plans and throw the snazzy parties they hob nob shoulder to shoulder at...sigh...the system is SO broken for we the people! emoticon

You can tell...I'm not very hopeful that this so called modification will save our house...or even our situation since we've been approved for TWO former ones...and obviously have been flipped back into foreclosure status despite making perfect to the letter payments.

He also told us that the newest servicer OcWen is going to attempt to have any earlier admissions on record dismissed....AND the court's most always APPROVE these requests! emoticon

I say...crime is crime...if it happened on paper...and I have a copy of the proof that it happened why does a new piece of paper cancel the earlier bad deed.

In this case...we could all go to a bank....steal a million dollars...but then give that million dollars to a brother...who transferred it to a nephew...that transferred it to a sister-in-law...who hid it under her mattress...but then when the cops got close...put it in a swiss bank account and held it for us until the coast was clear.

In other words...if we didn't HAVE it in OUR possession...or masked the fact that we EVER had it...we are home free.

This is what the banks do. They lie, transfer paper, lose paper (supposedly), tell the courts...opps...made a mistake, lets try this again and see if this time we can sneak it through...it's truly absolutely sickening! But this is how the rich control the system.

Actually...it sickens me to the point that I actually LOSE my appetite and maybe that's why I lost 3 pounds last week...not such a BAD thing...if not a BAD way to do it! emoticon

So I have about 45 days til the next conference to contact the Consumer Protection Bureau and lay out all of the crimes committed against us in a chronological logical order.

Going through all of this paperwork makes me feel faint at the knees just thinking about it!

Seriously...the crap GMAC has pulled on us reads like a 'true crime novel'....I just wish the ending would be that they get their waterloo and the hard working protégée gets revenge and justice in the end for their long suffering mistreatment and agony.

Unfortunately...true life never quite ends up like the satisfying endings we look for in our books.

BUT...I must say people ARE reacting...sadly they are taking it out on each other instead of organizing and getting the REAL creeps dealt with. A man who just got booted out of his house in foreclosure killed a police officer a few days ago that responded to a domestic violence call. How sad...how tragic for the officer, his wife, his two loving children, for the wife of the man who cracked, and for the man himself who was probably put through hell to reach this point of desperation. THIS is the result of the crooked judges in FL, and the crooked Attorney General and the self serving Governor who gave his blessing to rocket docket these homes with a new law passed. Who instigated the law...a congress woman who has family in real estate and is a big time real estate investor.

How convenient that she and her croonies will manage to profit off of others suffering and has the power to push through laws for her own self interests! There must be a SPECIAL place in hell for these people! I bet in their next life go around...THEY are one of the homeless...at least I sure HOPE so!

I'll be keeping you posted along the way...and I'll be taking pics of our beautiful home to share with you and why this fight is so VERY important to us. We've put our blood sweat and tears into this house...I'm not giving it up without fighting to the VERY end...of the bloody bitter end! emoticon

And....why did this last meeting not get set for trial...but set for yet another conference meeting...your prayers and well wishes my dear friends...our prayers, the protection of my most powerful angel...our Josh man...and the protection of the chief Archangel Michael...protector of our homes. Also our heavenly father...who ALWAYS prevails in good over evil for those that help themselves.

That's why! emoticon

Thank you for your prayers and good wishes...they ALWAYS make me happy in an otherwise pretty sad situation. emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm really sorry things didn't go better. I just came across that where homeowner's could file a complaint with the Attorney General's office. The good news is that you are still in your home for now and are able to continue fighting to keep your home.

    I sincerely hope that in the end your fight will end in your favor. I pray that the good Karma you spread all the time will come back to you tenfold in favor of keeping your home. I can only imagine how frustrating and exhausting this fight must be for you and your hubby. Until you know one way or the other continue to love and enjoy every moment in your home; which I'm sure you already do.

    I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and hope that this nightmare will come to end soon and in the favor of the little guy.

    Keep holding on to hope!
    emoticon emoticon Your virtual daughter!
    1744 days ago
    Blessed be
    1744 days ago
    How awful. You are really doing a great job fighting this.
    1745 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    good grief the nightmare continues... emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1745 days ago
    Hugs and more Hugs Bobbie. Continued success in this horrible battle that you have had to fight. Prayers for you to stay in your home and that All our Angels are watching over you. I know Your Josh sure is along with my Justin. Lots of love and light to you Friend♥
    1745 days ago
    Oh, sweet lady, you deserve relief.
    1746 days ago
    Keep fighting the good fight! We are with you all the way!
    1746 days ago

    The good news is that you get to stay in your home for today and "live to fight another day " with them. I feel so badly for you that this is happening. I'm so impressed with how you have fought and continue to fight. Take care of yourself in the process. You don't want to end up dying over this.

    That is so sad about the man killing the police officer. I hope it has been in all the papers WHY it happened.
    1746 days ago
    Part of me wishes I understood every thing you were trying to explain, but most of me hopes I never have to. You are in a HORRIBLE situation. Know I'm here for you and hoping for you.
    1746 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1746 days ago
    I had so hoped that this was the last of those kind of meetings but I guess you will have to suffer through another. Not what I wished for but reality all the same. HUGS!
    1746 days ago
    sorry they are running you in circles. emoticon
    1746 days ago
    You have my prayers!
    1746 days ago
    Hang in there. Right will out
    1746 days ago
    Jeremiah 29:11 New International Version (NIV)
    11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    I am so sorry to hear you are going through all of this. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.
    1746 days ago
    I am sorry your personal circumstances have led you to this point with your Foreclosure situation. Best wishes! emoticon
    1746 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    When this is all said and done you should write a book. Kind of a "how to" guide for people in your same situation.
    1746 days ago
    Oh, Bobbi! Lived to fight another day, huh?! I DO wish this would get settled ( in your favor)!! What crooks!!! AND time wasters!! AND stress masters!!!! Prayers by the dozens for you, dear for the fight to be over and your home remain (legally) yours!!! ((((HUGS))))
    Yeah, you need to compile all this blasted paper trail for the Consumer Protection Agency as well as the Attorney General. You should follow this all the way up the line as far as possible! As a last ditch, you could go to the press!!! I really do, when this ever get's over with, think you should write a book!! I'll bet it'll be a best seller b/c there's lots of people out there who would identify!!!
    Beyond best wishes on the house saving, I do hope you have a great day today! Love ya!
    1746 days ago
    My stomach just turns in knots reading about all you have been through. You have a really strong spirit to keep fighting the fight. Kudos to you Bobbi.

    1746 days ago
    Keep on fighting - it is worth the effort.
    1746 days ago
    What an absolute nightmare! Very sad that you are going through this.
    1746 days ago
    I truly believe that if there is going to be a significant change to the nightmare that homeowners go through and it will come because of people like you who don't give up; won't give up.

    In the late 1980s, something really bad happened to me and, like you, I had to fight. I fought and fought and fought, and I made it and now, over 20 years later, what I did then guides my life today. In between the fights, enjoy your life like you do with friends, family, hobbies, SP goals, humor, beauty and build your spiritual self as well because, no matter what happens (no matter what happens!), you will win, you will win; the "what" won't matter. I believe it with all my heart. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Love, Chelsea emoticon
    1746 days ago
    You can do this! I am helping (with Josh) in prayers! I'm traveling & working HARD, too! But I just had to read YOUR blog, today!

    I'm back to it! Love you sweet Sister friend!
    1746 days ago
    Can you go farther up the chain - Senator, Congressman?

    You've fought so long, so hard. emoticon

    1746 days ago
    1746 days ago
  • JUNETTA2002
    Good luck and prayers going up for you
    1746 days ago
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