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Spark People Boot Camp Day 2?

Friday, August 09, 2013

Well, I was feeling really ambitious the other night and realized that if I set my alarm 15 minutes earlier and actually got out of bed with it, I'd have enough time to do Coach N's Boot Camp workout and shower before J arrived for our morning walk. I was having no success at adding this in during the evening, so it seemed like a good idea. And it worked out that way...yesterday. I got up, did the Day 1 routine, showered and waited out front for J to arrive. He forgot to set his alarm. Sadness. So, I walked without him. It wasn't quite as much fun, but it only slowed me down about 30-45 seconds, and that with the 22 minute cardio workout first.

By the end of my commute, the forecast rainstorm had passed, so I prepped the bike to hit my nearby bike trail (the paved one, too much water for the others). While I was getting ready, Number One was convincing DW that she should come along and get a walk in. I'm really proud of her. She hasn't missed a day since she started. She's set up the Wii Fit (which I'm still too heavy to use. It has a scale that really does complain when I step on). And she's been going gangbusters. Big task this weekend is to get Baby Girl's bike, which she left in my garage, sized to fit DW, so we can ride together.

That was the first time I ever put in over 90 fitness minutes in a single day. So, I left the alarm set and got the best night's sleep I've had in a month. Awesomeness.

This morning, I heard the music come from my alarm clock and my knees decided to sing along. Both of them. I compelled them to bear up under my weight, but there was no way I was going to face Coach N. I'll visit her tonight. No, really. I will. It's all set up and ready to go. I just need to wake up my hibernating laptop, and we're off. That decided, I headed out front to wait for J, who did set his alarm for today, and we were off and walking (you were thinking running, weren't you? Not this old, fat man.) There's much to be positive about, so "Carpe Diem"! (Now why does that darn spell checker reject Carpe, but accept Diem?)
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