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I joined a 6 week trail running group

Thursday, August 08, 2013

After being inspired to run after a recent 5k with co-workers and then experiencing leg pain on a treadmill 5k, I went on an unsuccessful search for a book or information on running form, strength training and conditioning. I needed help if I wanted to better my time and to really be able to run

About a couple weeks ago I happened upon a 5k running class for all fitness and running levels/abilities that was starting in two days. It wasn't too far away. It was a time of day I could manage. The price was right. At 2x/wk for 6 wks, the duration/frequency was something I could commit to finishing even if I hated it. Even better - it started so soon that I didn't have time to talk myself out of it (the negative stuff like: I'm not good enough for this - I'm too busy - what if work gets in the way - I probably won't fit in - I'm too slow - what if my knee/leg pain puts a halt to this).

Class 1
emoticon Participants were a mix of women mostly in the late 30-early 50s
emoticon Guest speaker talked about weight loss ( concepts similar to Spark). Somewhat uninteresting but I considered it good marinating time.
emoticon Finally...jogged to a park for warm-up and then moved to walking or running depending on level
emoticon Running on paved trails (where's the dirt?). I was able to "run" or jog most the time
emoticon My legs felt good (my foot hurt but I think that's my new norm)
emoticon I got a few pointers on form and learned I am doing pretty good (with room for improvement)
emoticon I also cannot lie - it felt good not to be the slowest of the group

Class 2
emoticon Participants were some from Class 1 and some intimidating-look runner-women
emoticon I was sore from the night before and still able to run quite a bit
emoticon This time I was in the back of the runner group and again I was mostly on my own
emoticon This time on partial paved trails and some "off road"
emoticon And better yet some good hills! (I love my hills)

Class 3 (6 days after Class 2)
emoticon Third class was NOT charm
emoticon I felt defeated. My leg hurt so bad.
emoticon All but the slowest walkers were ahead of me. I know I'm not supposed to compare, but...
emoticonI questioned signing up for this class. I was alone and again and felt more alone because of the pain
emoticonThe coach was encouraging. She said late to help me with some ST moves and form changes to help.
emoticon She also gave me a number for a PT (who was the day 1 guest speaker) who works with her running groups. He does free 10-15 minute "triage" checks. (appointment tomorrow)
emoticon The coach also thought my newish shoes were pushing my foot out and putting pressure on my IT band
emoticon The next day while looking at my log I discovered that I've been wearing these shoes each time I've had the bad leg/knee pain.
emoticon I was able to exchange them for another pair that I'll start to try out later on the last day of the exchange period. Whew - that was close.

Class 4
emoticon First time on real trails!
emoticon Coach said I would be walking until the source of my pain was sorted out (maybe I'll get good news tomorrow?)
emoticonI walked fast and felt good!
emoticon I love being on the trails! Moving through the trees on soft and winding trails - so good for my soul
emoticon emoticon It was hot and humid but I was moving fast enough to feel reasonably comfortable.
I actually loved the sweaty-salty-mild pain feeling when it was done (I don't know what has happened to me).
emoticon I enjoyed this class even though I wasn't running and was alone again
emoticon This time I passed a lot of the beginner runners. I know, I shouldn't enjoy that, but I do. I passed many on hills and I really love that. I talked to them as they huffed and puffed. I know...
emoticon I don't think many of them are used to the uneven terrain and that makes a big difference. emoticonThey'll get strong fast and blaze past me soon enough.
emoticon I'm also not connected to most of them. They are in little packs and it's hard to be the single girl.
emoticon But this helps me keep it my race or pace and I don't have to keep up or slow down for anyone.

So I'm happy about this overall. The worst is that I have a really hard time settling down and sleeping when I go to bed. I assume this will level out. It's hard because I have a big commute the day after the classes and I need to go to bed early to get up early. Oh well.

Four classes down and eight to go. That makes it seem like I'm almost done which made me sad. Maybe this will be good for me for a little while.
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  • _JODI404
    emoticon on stepping out of your comfort zone again!!!

    It sounds like a really great opportunity, and you are definitely looking for the highlights and making the best of it.

    How lucky that you were able to exchange those shoes! I hope whatever you buy works out better for you. Crossing fingers for you that the fix could be that simple!!

    I sleep like a ROCK on the nights that I work out with my trainer, or high intensity home workouts. And I usually work out pretty late too. Hopefully you will adjust and sleep better with that commute to make.

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead!! ENJOY your class-- I think in the end you will be quite happy that you did it!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1715 days ago
    Well done Suz! The pain has to get better but I'm glad to hear you are not letting it rule you. Keep fighting lady!
    1716 days ago

    and yeah, we aren't "supposed to" - but umm... great NSV there too.

    Well done, Susu... you are rockin' it!

    1716 days ago
    How cool that you signed up - before the negative thoughts hit (so true in my life as well, if I stew too long forget it).

    Hope the pain gets sorted out, but glad you are enjoying it anyway!!
    1716 days ago
    Well done. Sounds like overall you're enjoying the class. I'm sure it will help to get some extra tips to help you improve. I'm an expert level skiier but still love to take classes because I always learn something new that helps me have more fun.

    I'm glad you figured out the shoe/foot pain link. Hopefully that will solve the problem. Don't hesitate to see a podiatrist, though. I started having pain in one foot when I really got going with my spinning & biking. Went to the foot Dr and he figured it out and took care of it lickety-split. Much better now. Makes riding that much more enjoyable.

    1716 days ago
    OMG! Did I know you were taking this class? How did I not know that? holy crap! Am I that oblivious?

    Super fantastic! I would love to take a class like that--especially if the price was right. emoticon

    I love that you signed up even though you might be the "loner." I too love to do things like that. Especially when they're complete strangers. If it's people I know and I'm the loner--then it's just awkward. lol

    It sounds like you are on the way to resolving some issues--and good call (and timing) on the shoes. They really do make all the difference.

    Can't wait to hear more about the class. Woohoo!!!
    1716 days ago
    Congratulations! At the end of the 6th session, you'll be sad that there are only 2 sessions left. Sounds like it was a good investment of both time and money. Who knows, maybe you'll develop some running buddies either in the group or from meeting people at your next race.
    1716 days ago
    Congratulations. Many times you sounded like me! I'm so glad you found this class and you enjoying the sweaty salty mild pain when you're done!


    I think next year I'm going to join one near my house. I thought about it last year and didn't. You've inspired me!

    1717 days ago
    Awesome, congratulations! Keep running. :)
    1717 days ago
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