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When Your Mind Says, "I Can't", Tell It To "SHUT UP!"

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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Did you really read what that quote by Thomas Edison says? It says, "If we did all the things that we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." Is that true? Would you literally astound yourself if you did all of the things you were capable of? If you could unshackle your mind for one minute and embrace all of the possibilities within yourself, do you think you would be astounded? The answer is...


How many times on your journey have you told yourself that you can NOT do something? If you are anything like me, it has been more times than you can count! It is probably more times than you care to admit. You know you have said all the things in the book; "I'm too heavy", "I don't have the energy", "There is no way I could do that". Why not? Why can't you? You can't because your minds says you can't! I for one am calling shenanigans!

So when your mind says, "you can't", I want you to tell your mind to "SHUT UP!"

This is particularly true when it comes to exercise. Now I know that some people have physical limitations that do not allow them to do certain things, so this may not apply to you in the same way, but I am sure it can apply to some aspect of your journey. Maybe it applies to trying to give up soda for example. Does your mind not allow you to give up the caffeine and sugar? Tell your mind to "SHUT UP!"

When it comes to exercise, this is something that I have had to deal with, especially lately. I am really trying to get myself into running. Running is basically a four letter word in my vocabulary! Growing up and playing sports, running was punishment. Running was what happened when you messed something up and the coach yelled at me to "take a lap". I have had a negative outlook on running my whole life. It doesn't help that I am big and I feel awkward doing it. It doesn't help that I am slow. But what hurts my running efforts the most, is my mind! It is my mind that says I can't! No! Not anymore! I want EXTRAORDINARY! As of now, I am telling my mind to "SHUT UP!"

When I weighed 509 lbs. and I set a goal to lose 210 lbs. I did! Back when I started doing Insanity at 430+ lbs, my mind said that I could not do it. Guess what? I did! Seriously, I did Insanity at 430+lbs! I look back now and really wonder how I did that but I don't really need to look any farther than the first quote of this blog by Thomas Edison, "If we did all the things that we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." I really did astounded myself!

I had it within me to be my change. Do you know something? You have it within you to be your change! You may have to put in some extra time and effort, but believe you me, your change is within you!

I will leave you with this today. When your mind says you can't do something, don't let it win. DO NOT let your mind bully your body into thinking it can not accomplish something! You dig down deep and you find that change within yourself! You get that change out and you tell your mind to "SHUT UP, I AM DOING THIS!"

Embrace Your Possibilities

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