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What's In It For Me - a #backontrack for August conversation between LB and RB

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

emoticon RB So what's the reward going to be?

emoticon LB How should I know - you know it doesn't count till we are both on board.

emoticon RB oh. well. yeah. so. What did you decide?

emoticon So what do you want?

emoticon RB I dunno

emoticon LB Me neither. It's always hard to do the reward thing, isn't it. and besides, a reward implies rules obeyed and ... well - that's not your strong point.

emoticon RB Oh so it's my fault, is it? I suppose you're talking about that second frozen yogurt bar I ate last night.

emoticon LB yep. I am.

emoticon RB so why didn't you stop me?

emoticon LB 'Cause I forgot about it.

emoticon RB Does that mean no reward? Are we out of the challenge now?

emoticon LB No it doesn't - to either question. The rules said if you stumble just get back up and keep going. I think that's part of what we're supposed to be experiencing - the Don't Give Up stuff. And I want to keep trying.

emoticon RB Oh. Good. So do I, then.

emoticon LB Really? I'm glad about that.

emoticon RB So what are the rules - what are our rules, that is? and what are the rewards? What's in it for us?

emoticon LB Hmmm. I think the rules should be that for 31 days we make the effort to perform those 3 tweaks - no sneaky bites at breakfast , a walk if it isn't raining (like it is today) , and only ONE dessert per night. And as long as we're still trying by August 31 ... and so long as we post something about it somewhere every day - then we get the reward. How does that sound to you?

emoticon RB Sounds fair. And the reward?

emoticon LB you greedy puss. I don't know. You didn't seem to really love the options I threw out -

emoticon RB Tell them to me again.

emoticon LB Okay - what about new sheets?

emoticon RB Eh.

emoticon LB but we really need them.

emoticon RB then get them

emoticon LB okay - what about a facial?

emoticon RB well, that would be nice. yeah. I like them. but it's just ... well... nice

emoticon LB New clothes?

emoticon RB Ugh. We have too many clothes

emoticon LB Art supplies?

emoticon RB no. We have enough of them too, right now

emoticonLB Well for goodness sake! What do you want?

emoticon RB I don't know. But I want something. I want some kind of reward for all this effort. Just not something you ought to get us anyway.

emoticon LB well - what about just the pleasure of Improving ourselves?

emoticon RB I like myself already.

emoticon LB Ugh. It's not about liking ourself. it's about getting rid of bad habits.

emoticon RB We-ull. But everytime we do something that improves ourself you just think of More Things We Have To Do.

emoticon LB Of course I do - there's always room for improvement.

emoticon RB (hums a tune)

emoticon LB Very funny. So - eliminating bad habits isn't good enough for you?

emoticon RB nope. I want a reward.

emoticon LB (ponders a bit) Okay. How about a day off?

emoticon RB Oooo. yeah. Now THAT sounds like a reward. But ... well, but what about ... we're already taking off a long weekend in September and a week in October ... will this be an extra day off?

emoticon LB Yeah. That's going to be hard. and besides - how will this feel special if we're already taking off so many days already? Hmmmm. How about this? Suppose we take a half day off sometime in the middle of the week. We just don't go back to work after lunch one day.

emoticon RB Ooooo. yeah. I like that. When can we do it?

emoticon LB Well - we want it to feel sort of spontaneous and we don't want to screw up something important but I'd say ... early in September. Especially since we have to be out of the office so much at the end of the month for work stuff. So. Let's say within the first 2 weeks. How does that sound?

emoticon RB It sounds GREAT!

emoticon LB It means we have to work pretty hard on those other days so that we don't get behind in the job. There's no reward worth screwing up our work.

emoticon RB I'm good with that

emoticon LB Then it's a deal?

emoticon RB It's a deal. Uh ... there's something else though

emoticon LB What?

emoticon RB well, we really do need another set of sheets. You ought to order some today.

emoticon LB oh. yeah. okay.

emoticon RB Love ya

emoticon LB Love ya back.
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