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Sunday, August 04, 2013

The internet's crappy in the hotel I stay at. Well, the connection available to the guest rooms, anyway. Seems like the meeting-room connection is much better. Logged into that, after finding the guest-room access inaccessible and calling down to the front desk to find out what the heck was going on, and, well, let's just say, they oughta let us use this connection all the time!

See, I blogged three times last week, and I intended to keep going, but I was thwarted by the internet connection just not freaking working. Good thing I wasn't paying for it, eh?

Anyway, since most of the below is still true, or useful, I thought I'd copy and paste from the word doc I was scribbling a few days ago.

grumbly day yesterday. nothing much worth celebrating...well, there was something, but it was annoying in its own right, so.....ppppbbbbbbbbtttttth! (that's me blowing a raspberry in the general direction of Monday)

(in case you need a visual, or a laugh) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fi

I just posted this to another person's blog, totally worth posting here too. In case you're slowing down, maybe feeling like you're settling for whatever weight/state you're in right now:

Perspective says that crash, which I ranted about for 2400 words the other day, was nothing big. And it wasn’t. Not like the crash that left my officemate’s wife’s classmate in a coma, unsure of whether she’ll survive from the crash she was in the same day. Not like the train crash in Spain from that same day, when a train driver who was on the cell phone at the time took a 50 MPH curve at 120 MPH and killed 79 people. Had to get it off my chest and I did.

Actually talked to the other driver today, she works on my floor. Glad she’s ok. Also glad she’s a nice person. Moving on.

Ate a salad at dinner. Granted, there was steak on the side, and blue cheese all over it, but, hey at the base it was a salad. And most of the dressing stayed on the side.
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