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Garage Sales past and present & Erik the Red!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

OK! I hate this keyboard, I just wiped out my entire blog!
Yesterday, was the grand finale-I thought. Erik wants to have another sale-maybe in a month, at least now he's seeing that things priced too high don't go.
Now I've been going to Garage Sales since I was pregnant with Erik-he's 40. But in 1992, my DH, Steve lost his job and was getting depressed because I was subbing five days a week and working at Kmart, when summer vacation started we weren't quite as comfortable because even increasing my hours at Kmart did not make up for what I earned as a sub. But one Saturday I came home at noon and told Steve to go grab some change from his change jar. I was getting him out of the house. He balked! I insisted with "some old man up the road is selling his tools at a garage sale, some of them look really good and they're cheap." He went, then we went to another with electronics. He now had the Garage sale bug! Mostly he would wait for me, but sometimes he would go off with one of the kids, years later with our grandson. Steve's best trick was to buy stuff fix it and resell it, but one day he found some electronic parts and bought them for around $10. We then went to see a guy who had a shop that sold electronic parts to Electronic Engineers, people who knew what they were dealing with. Steve sold that $10. worth of parts for $100. He was exstatic (sp) and was even more hooked than before.
He found our dining room set for $200. a table, two captains chairs, and 6 side chairs and three mirrors. The best part was that the fabric matched the colors I had at home. We were thrilled, because we had been using folding chairs and a folding table in our formal dining room. Our kitchen table was great but a bit small for and used for the dining room.
Now for yesterday. I had a woman come and want to by my oscillating fans, but she was trying to get the good one for $5. instead of the $10. I wouldn't allow that, I said no less that $9. She also wanted the other one for $5. and my "Spanish for Eductors" book which she also wanted for $1. and I said no less than $2. When I tallied it to $16.00 her husband gave me a hundred dollar bill. "Sorry" I said, "but I can't make change for that. You'll have to go to the bank or Kroger's and get change" She was livid, I wasn't too happy with her either. It was 92 degrees, she bought my fans and had wanted them for nothing but I stood my ground and then didn't have the exact change. At least when I try to bargain with people, I try to be reasonable and have the exact change. She told me NOT TO SELL THE FANS that she'd be back. Erik said "air" and went into the air conditioned house. She was back with a 20 w/in 20 minutes for her fans and book.
That being said, Erik cleared $250 over the entire Garage Sale, and I got around $140.
I went to bed at 5:30 to rest and watch TV and was asleep by 6PM. I think I was tired.
Thank you all for your support, prayers and encouragement. I now get to do this again in a month, but I think it'll be easier. My brothers and sisters are going to talk to Erik about Garage Sale pricing. We'll see how that goes.
Love y'all!
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Sorry I had doubled my blog and deleted one and lost some responses so I will not be able to personally thank some of you.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad that Erik is coming around on pricing. There are always people who want something for nothing. Good for you for standing your ground. Can't believe someone would go to garage sales with a $100 bill!
    1769 days ago
    People really try to get something for nothing at sales, I'm glad you stood your ground!

    1775 days ago
    We experienced the CHEAP people at sales we had. We had stuff deeply discounted but these people wanted us to practically give it to them and I stood my ground. It make one heifer really mad and she and her b---- sister came back every day and said I would not get my asking price for the quilt. She even went to my hubby and tried to get him to take less and he told her it was my call. The last day she said I was stubborn and it was only $5 and I told I could say the same execpt that it was our $5 profit, not hers. On that last day when we had already started packing up an elderly educated woman came in and saw the quilt and loved it. She paid the asking price for it without batting an eye. She talked about how beautiful it was and how she would treasure it always. I told her it belonged to my deceased MIL and she loved it and that she was perfect person to have this quilt. Hubby was thrilled. We were both practically doing the Snoopy dance. Actually the 3 of us were. And probably my MIL was as well. Hubby and I sold almost $3800 at the garage sale. LOL.

    I used to love to go to sales and I know my hubby would love them too.

    You and Erik did great.

    1778 days ago
    See, he's improving, I am sure he'll be fine next time!
    1778 days ago
  • JANET552
    I am so glad that Erik came around and you were able to sell some of his stuff. Another garage sale in a month will be hard. It usually takes me years to feel ready to have another. I think ours is in a couple of weeks -- after my vacation and the volunteer duty at the dog show.

    I loved your story of your DH and garage sales!! I can't believe the couple you had to deal with though. Was that their first garage sale? I mean really?!!

    I hope you are feeling rested. This blog was tough on you -- you didn't like the keyboard, posted twice and then realized deleting one was not the best idea. I think I put the ideas in my first post in this one. Hope your day goes well!!

    P.S. I am finally logging my food. Just in time to leave on vacation where there's no WiFi! I'll have to be careful.

    1778 days ago
    I think it's so funny for someone who didn't want to part with things and now he's got the garage sale "bug"!!! Glad you went to bed early since I bet you were really tired.

    emoticon emoticon
    1779 days ago
    He will be ready to listen now. emoticon
    1779 days ago
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