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Its Sunday and I'm taking a rest today, Dress Shopping~

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Those 82K steps have to wait until Monday to begin really. I made 82,571 steps last week, pretty insane right. If I can equal or surpass that this week than more power to me. I can feel my ankle but its not sore or bothering me from Friday's record 20,991 step record. I walked last night for 90 minutes total and came in @ 11,165; I am just a steps fool. I can see how some people get 25-35K in a day now but that seems like it would take at least 3.5 hours walking to get into the 25-30K range. Maybe I'll try to get that in on an errand day and walk over to the park and up the mountain and do another bit of walking in the evening etc...That won't be for a while though.

After making way over 70K anything else is gravy for me since I thought 70K was a crazy goal the first time I did it a few weeks back. I don't think I'll try for anymore than 82K this week. 82,000 divide 6 days is 13,666 for those days. 82000 divide 5 days is 16,400 whoa, really. I could use 1 total rest day from not thinking of steps so I'm doing 6 days and rolling the dice there. After this week no more step goals, just get in 70K and never mind pushing it to the max for a while. The next week I'm not even trying to go crazy since my friend is in town for 5 days. I'm getting in as much walking exercise for those days but everything else may be spotty; so I am going to do the very best I can with food, exercise & sleep!

Yeah, I just woke up a while ago and not being tied to doing steps is relaxing. I am sure my ankle will appreciate the rest for the day. I am going to do the cardio video and Yogilates but going out walking is a NO! Maybe warm up for 10-15 minutes on the treadmill just regular walking with very little incline and I'll get in an hours exercise. I'm trying to fool my body a little because on days I rest completely my body says listen here since you are inactive you are going to be sore, lol. I do feel it on days I try to rest so I'm going to go easy and see if it helps me out. Enough exercise talk there is more to life than that.

FUN TIMES NOW...I went wedding dress shopping yesterday and I did buy a really fabulous beautiful dress off the rack at a store in ivory and it has slight hints of gold in it, its long and I can wear whatever flat shoes I like with it. Did you like that fabulous long, run on sentence?

Okay, so the gown has 3/4 sleeves and an empire waist going on but it is also fitted. I can wear it without a slip but I'll wear some very nice undergarments for it. I just have to find something at Victoria's Secret or somewhere like that, a decent enough bra and I'll be set to go. I found the dress at the last place we went to. I found other dresses that would have been alright but when you get married alright isn't good enough. I listened to Randy from Kleinfeld in my mind lol. He said its your wedding day you shouldn't settle in any part that is important to you, especially the dress or the man! There was another dress that was pretty lovely in ivory, had cap sleeves, an empire waist but it was just much too plain. I couldn't see myself wearing that dress ever. Now the dress I picked isn't exactly super ornate but it has the right amount of bling feeling for me. I'm not a plain clothing type but I don't want to look like Princess Catherine either.

I'll snap a picture of it when I can and post up. When I get everything together and can have a proper picture. I have to do it without The SO around because he doesn't even know we bought the dress, he would definitely try to peek at it. I'm not traditional about ceremony but it would be nice to see a genuinely surprised reaction since life isn't full of surprise too much anymore. It was a $2000 dress marked down from $1600 to $1200 then $750 and I paid $500. I considered it a long while and then said I'll take it! I have a great plan for the dress after the wedding anyhow its why I said I'll take it at $500. That is the most I have ever paid for any article of clothing or footwear. I just don't see the necessity of being grand with clothing unless you can repurpose it or its going to last a loonnnggg time.

The saleslady who waited on me for the appointment said it was like the dress was waiting for me to buy it and I can't disagree with that assessment. I tried on 6 dresses in full for the appointment. I explained to Sally (it was her name the saleslady, she was in her 50's I would say, she reminded me a little of Anne Archer the actress) what I was looking for and the first 2 dresses were just too much lace. It reminded you of your grandmother and her parlour with lace curtains, lace chairs etc. Now l enjoy lace but not to that degree. So the first two dresses were eliminated and I showed the Mom and Aunt the second one because the first was just not me in any sense of the word and I didn't feel good in it. The Mom and Aunt vetoed dress 2 as well and my Aunt was like I don't even know why you showed us that trashy dress, lol. My Aunt's like that and I said I just wanted to give you an idea of the first 2 dresses is all. My Mom doesn't like lace at all which is fine!

Onto dress 3, it was some piece of a dress, it had cap sleeves but the dress was just so, delicate. I think that is the word I would use, it was a Lazaro and more champagne in colour. I liked it, it was beautiful on the rack that's why I wanted to try it on. Sally said it looked to be about my size. I gave it a go and that dress looked good on me but it would be even more lovely on a female who is a few inches taller than me or who is going to rock some heels. It would have worked more than nicely but I just knew it wasn't the perfect dress for me. Dress 4. That dress was ivory, had long sleeves and it was just a busy dress that had too much of everything when it was on me. Lace, a flower, ruffles, bling. It was a too much of everything dress for someone like me. I showed it to the ladies and my Mom was like it very much overpowers you and my Aunt says it belongs on someone like Roseanne the comedian. We all had a laugh about it and so I go onto dress 5. It was nice enough on the hanger but on me it fit all wrong. It was a Vera Wang knockoff dress. I like a lot of Vera's dresses but sometimes she gets too out there and the dress would be perfect for an edgy futuristic type of bride. I vetoed it after seeing it on me just because it was all wrong in every sense. I know my personality and style and I almost showed it to the family but I knew we would get a little too funny with the comments. I am pretty much no nonsense & practical so I wanted out of that dress. So Sally said to me you look like you need a tea break. I said fabulous, great idea.

I knew I would need much patience when I undertook wedding dress shopping and its why we kept pushing back the dress shopping. I can get cranky when tired sometimes and that would affect my judgment of the dress and I'd probably more than frustrate the professional who was trying to help me. I didn't want that so it was a great thing to wait until yesterday. So Sally and I had a spot of tea and my Aunt and Mom went next door for a few minutes to the coffee shop to get some coffee naturally and a snack to bring back over. They were about fifteen minutes and came back and rung me when they were back and Sally and I were chatting as we had flowering fruit tea which is one of my favourite teas. She was asking me about what type of wedding it would be, the colours & flowers, was it ornate or a simple wedding etc. I explained the particulars fully and she was thinking about a dress on the rack in the back that hadn't been brought back out yet because they were rotating the stock a little just to freshen things up. She brought that one over and said to finish my tea first which I did. I looked at the two dresses I had in my room because Sally went to put away the dresses we had vetoed.

So I tried on the dress she had just brought and it had a similar vibe to the dress that is dress 6. There were two things wrong with the one I tried on and I am pretty open and daring. It was a little too revealing in the wrong places. I like showing my body but not that much, its not a porn star wedding. You could really see the area of your breasts, hips, behind and upper body a bit too much for my tastes. I'm proud of my body but not that much lol. Sally said it was for a bride who was a bit more stacked in the bust area (32D isn't staked? Not anymore apparently lol)and wanted to show it all; I guess so Sally. I didn't mind she showed it to me and had me try it on I'm not easily offended by such things. I think a great consultant has to be a bit of a psychologist because its such a major undertaking and purchase buying your wedding dress. Plus she noticed I was open minded even though I had a specific style in mind. She said she was glad I really knew my mind about the type of dress I wanted and stuck to my guns about it. She had been dealing with ambivalent brides a lot over the past couple of weeks.

So I took off the last wrong dress and didn't bother showing that one because it would have been like flashing someone in a bad way. Sally let Mom and Aunt know that dress wasn't fit to be shown since it was too revealing and tasteless for someone like me. So I put on the last dress #6! I still call it #6 because the other dress wasn't fit to be called a dress really, it was a porn prop. It basically just had a zipper to deal with, I hate fussy dresses with buttons and bows and all that crap. I just wanted a dress I could slide into and zip it up really. I put on dress #6 and it slid on perfectly. It fit just about 99.9% properly. (I was buying an off the rack and any alterations would be done by my Mom.) This was the dress, WE have a WINNER PEOPLE!!!
3/4 Sleeves, check! a little bit of lace (and yet its sheer) that doesn't look like the parlour, check! an Empire waist with nice light gold Bling there, check! The neckline is pretty much Bateau which is what I wanted, check!The dress is a just a little bit flowy & loose where it needs to be but fitted through the hips, its floor length and it has gold undertones. ITS THE PERFECT DRESS! All I need is the slip to go under it and I'm good to go. I'm thinking for the shoes maybe some gold slippers or definitely flats.

I felt like the dress was made precisely for me to wear. I'm still that happy about the purchase. I was glad I went there with my hair all proper as well. I didn't go in with undergarments because I had no clue what I would need for the dress since different styles & dresses require different undergarments. Sally suggested trying Victoria's Secret for the underthings. I'll find it somewhere though I'm not worried about that process at all. As long as I wear a proper seamless bra I'll be very good in the dress even without a long slip because the dress isn't see through in any sense. I'll wear the long slip though just to be on the safe side and I could use one for a few long dresses I have anyhow.

When I was checking out, my Mom wanted to buy the dress and I declined. $500 plus 8.1% tax isn't all that bad for a wedding dress. The SO and I are pretty adamant about paying for this all ourselves. We're in our early 40's for Pete's sake. We've been married before and we let our family help us the first time round so we want to do this pretty much all ourselves. Its not an ornate wedding by any stretch. I did let my mom know she can make the cake with my sister because we really don't want an overly sweet bakery cake. My sister can do a fabulous job with a cake that looks like it came from a bakery anyhow. Mom can bake the cake and my sister will decorate it all pretty. I've been looking at pictures of fall wedding cakes on Pinterest and I'm not feeling anything yet. I really don't want it to look as if I'm out in the woods taking a walk with all the fall colours. Maybe just gold and brown and maybe a slight amount of red. I'll figure it out, any suggestions? My mom can get the flowers if she wants because its just my small bouquet, lil girl's flowers, the one red rose for the SO and Lil Man will have the same. The SO and I will present bouquets of red roses to both our Mom's at the dinner and the SO's dad died when he was in his 20's so he's not with us. My dad we are trying to figure something out for him. I know a few entries back I kind of went a little therapeutic, which was necessary, but as an adult in my 30's and later for the most part he's been pretty decent.

So the dress is set, flowers pretty much dealt with, venue and dinner site selected, just a few minor things to work out~

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