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Oxford Cross River Bliss!

Saturday, August 03, 2013

What a wonderful ride today with two other bike club members, one of them Madame President of the club, aka: TEAMAGIS


...who is going to assist in outfitting yours truly for his upcoming adventures in mid-September. Her friend, another member of the club, is going to be joining me in this adventure as well.

We got a little chuckle upon seeing this sign posted, indicating that we live in a more rural spot than I thought!

I suppose our chuckles wouldn't last long if we HAD stumbled across a bear!

In any case it was just an absolutely pitch-perfect day for a ride with just the right mix of sunshine, blue skies and poofy clouds in which to get lost in one's thoughts. I was soaking up the rolling hills and every imaginable hue of green and just, as TEAMAGIS later said "in the zone" rolling along at a relaxed, not a care in the world pace. We are all so blessed with such beautiful outdoors here in upstate New York! It has been too long a time since I can remember being so thoroughly immersed and awed by the world as I was today. Most of the other times have been while on my bike as well...just feeling at one with the world. TEAMAGIS later said, "I don't know WHAT I was thinking during that ride!" To which I said: "You weren't thinking at all. That's the point!" There was nothing we could do "wrong" on this ride. We just rode and we just were. The two roads that take one to Oxford run roughly parallel to each other, so rather than take one, we would cross the Chenango river here and there and hop onto the other road for a bit, and then cross back over to the first road.

Even near the end of the ride when I foolishly miscalculated the height of the road when veering left off the shoulder to get back on the road at an angle that wasn't sharp enough and as a result got tossed to the ground I just got back up, re-threading my chain which had fallen off and wrapped up the ride, resuming my inner soundtrack which had been a song which may seem foreign to this part of the world, but the rhythm is just propulsive enough to keep me cruising through the countryside and the light, airy nature of Celso's vocals captured the lightness of being I felt during the ride, even after gravity had its way with me! :-)


Later we topped off the day by watching the hot air balloons lift off at the SpeidieFest.


ps, late, tired, more about my big plans another day!
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