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What if I were rich?

Saturday, August 03, 2013


OK, you have just won a 700 million dollar lottery (!), which means after taxes (damn IRS) you now have about 350 million dollars to do with whatever you please. Anyway, allowing yourself here to be totally, as in 100% completely, self-absorbed, please list 10 things you would definitely do now for yourself. Keep in mind, the list does not have to be PRIORITY things to do or even the very first ten things you would do. These are just 10 things that might quickly come to your mind to do just for YOURSELF right after you have learned that you are now rich.

Have Fun!

1. Lasik surgery, I hate wearing glasses

2. Schedule some dental work, take care of a few things that bug me

3. Buy a house on a few acres with separate guest quarters

4. Buy some of my favorite cars (used of course!) Aston Martin, a DB9 or Vantage; Bentley
Continental GT, Range Rover

5. Buy some new clothes, including a couple of nice suits

6. Take my dream vacation: Meandering throughout Europe, with no schedule. I'd hire an
attractive woman who was a history major or at least a history buff to be my tour guide.
She would show me all of the best places to see in Europe, with the best history. No
tourist traps for me. This would take probably 3 months, maybe more. By the end of the
trip my tour guide will have fallen in love with me, and me with her. Hey, it's my dream

7. Pay off any and all debts I have

8. Buy land in other states besides Kaliforniastan

9. Build a wicked home gym

10. ???

I was going to do a separate list for things that I would do for others, but I decided to just add it on here at the end of the original list.

1. Give my parents money to do all of the remodeling that they want to do on their home

2. Donate money to the church that I irregularly attend. Also donate to any churches that
friends of mine attend and a large donation to my parents favorite church, a little
husband and wife operation in Kona, Hawaii where they hold services on the beach.

3. Give my brother enough money to buy a house and furnish it

4. Give money to friends, less to those who are doing well, more to those with needs

5. give money to animal shelters and rescue operations

6. Help people that want to start their own businesses

7. Load many thousands of dollars onto my Starbucks card and pay for everyone's drinks
at my favorite Starbucks for a day

8. Give money to worthy causes when I see them

9. Help people that are always busy helping others

10. ???
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • -DAVE-
    1. Pay off mom's and sis's house
    2. Pay for son's college and put away some for his home/future
    3. Pay for neighbor's knee replacement (dear friend and vet)
    4. Set up foundation for hungry families in other countries
    5. Volunteer and quit my job - serve
    6. Pay for stepson's divorce
    7. Send friends and family unexpected many thousands to help with expenses
    8. Donate a library to many schools in need
    9. Buy school supplies for my son's school every year
    10. Take a 6 month French retreat with my family and write a book about how to be internally happy through giving - once I figured it out emoticon

    1750 days ago
    Reading everyone's list is so fun! And I am sure the European history babe would rock your world, lol.
    1. I'm with CDRFLORES at the weight lose resort for a few months
    2. Once I lost the weight I would quite proudly yet selfishly get the ladies lifted lol
    3. pay off my debts and pay off a few family members mortgages
    4. Don't know what car, but it would be a really fun sports car in a bright neon green!
    5-10 would just have me traveling every corner of the planet, exploring other cultures and lifestyles, seeing the ins and outs and ways of life all over the world, starting with India and going from there.

    its nice to dream!
    1750 days ago
  • KWING517
    Ok, just about ME?? Yes, I can do this....

    1. 1977 canary yellow Corvette with T-tops, 4 speed manual. Yeah, been thinking about that one for a while now...
    2. A HUGE kitchen....wait, there should be a house attached for the rest of my family, but seriously, just a HUGE, well-stocked kitchen. I LOVE to cook.
    3. A whole new wardrobe for the new me...still getting my smaller clothes from second-hand stores and garage sales right now :(
    4. Season tickets to the Detroit Tigers, right behind home plate - close enough to hear the bats crack and the strikes "whoosh".
    5. I'd go watch a few Tigers road games too - all dressed up in my Tigers gear :)
    6. Open my restaurant....someone has to eat all that food I cook in my HUGE kitchen!!

    For others:
    1. The AWANA program at my church would get a huge donation to support it for many years and be able to bring in more kids. Same for the VBS program.
    2. My closest friend's kids (and mine of course) would all have college funds.
    3. Pay off my parents & brother's houses, buy them new cars.
    4. Send my parents to Vegas every year with my grandma and her brother & sister-in-law - they're awesome people and they love to go!
    5. I have 2 very, very close friends - I would love to set them up in nice houses and with reliable cars.
    6. My nearly-15 year old just finished driver's training - he would have the COOLEST ever jacked-up pick-up truck you ever saw. Can you imagine driving to school in THAT in the 9th grade???

    Ok, I'm sure there's lots more I would do, but if I dont get back to work, I wont be able to buy my winning ticket!! :)
    1753 days ago
  • MELISSA25231 a big house, not huge but big enough with a lot of property. 2. go back to school. 3. buy a horse 4. personal trainer 5. home gym with the best of the best 6. take my dream vacation to Iquazu Falls 7. buy a pool. I think that's it for me finish this off with 8. make sure my childrens education was taken care of. 9. Sponsor a family in need and 10. give to the childrens hospital

    Great Post had fun !!
    1753 days ago
  • JULIA_211
    Great list!
    I would...First thing I'd do is ADT my home, pay all my bills, Dental work, whole new wardrobe, (lots of shoes), house renovation, family trip, not sure where, so many places I'd love to go, the best college for son, big screen TV, stock up on all healthy groceries, and create a dream garden. emoticon
    1754 days ago
    Ok, you asked for it.
    1. hire a personal trainer
    2. hire a chef
    3. hire a housekeeper
    4. get invisiline braces
    5. buy a vacation home
    6. fix everything in my house that needs fixing and updating
    7. traveling including flying to FL to visit my parents once a month
    8. pay for my children's education
    9. help out friends and family
    10. donate to local charity
    1754 days ago
    I'd drop my teaching job, lock up my home and reside at a weight loss resort for a few weeks or months and THEN take up many similar items you listed. For the European trip, just change the words "Attractive woman" to Johnny Depp and we're good to go.
    1754 days ago
  • WILDKAT781
    emoticon list
    1755 days ago
  • SKATER787
    Reading your list, I think first thing you need to do is to go in hiding because people will come after you like maniacs. There won't be any of you left. LOL emoticon
    1755 days ago
    Loved your list ... especially that European vacation with the historian babe. emoticon
    Now, you asked about my own list, and all I can say is's coming. emoticon

    Taking care of my Mom full time (she has dementia), and running two households (hers and mine), leaves me very little free time ... but got most of my list already in mind. emoticon
    1755 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/4/2013 8:38:32 AM
  • _BABE_
    First of all, I would probably get a history degree. emoticon

    Darn...wait! I better get my knees replaced first before I go traipsing around Europe.
    1755 days ago
    I would:
    1. Pay off debts (mtg and massive student loans from grad school)
    2. Start a trust fund for my kid- she has expensive tastes
    3. Give money to my parents, siblings and close friends
    4. Set up trust funds for my nieces and nephews
    5. Buy an S class Mercedes- new please, thanks
    6. Build a house that I truly want with an awesome home gym
    7. Donate $$ to my grad school to establish a scholarship for a student from my heritage.
    8. Hire a personal trainer full time
    9. Travel the world- no guide but my personal trainer comes along
    10. Buy a yacht.

    1755 days ago
  • MELIS_24
    1) I would pay off debts of course. 2) Buy a house in the country with lots of land. 3) Buy a car that runs 5) donate to the Ohio Wildlife Center and other animal rescues. 6) Do some traveling 7) Help out friends 8) Not sure after that...
    1755 days ago
    My "dodeca picks"

    1. Pay off the mortgage and finish the house- I have grand ideas of a water feature in the middle of a turning circle and a tarsealed driveway. Extend hubby's shed and have underground parking for four cars.

    2. Get new glasses and go to the dentist

    3. A world trip -cruise through Europe ( no attractive guide ;)) then travel, England, Ireland and Wales. I love that the buildings are hundreds of years old.

    Amendment to No.3 maybe a guide--- as hubby is still a hermit and doesn't want to go where I do.

    4. Buy lots of houses and rent them out

    5. A new car Toyota Corolla Auto 1.8l probably white or a hybrid car

    6-10 I would give up all the rest to help my Dad out of the town he HAD to move to when his sons evicted him from one of their houses, after the other one tried to get his money off him.
    I would go to NZ and pick him up and bring him here on a cruise boat and resettle him where he is loved and wanted and just love him till he is 'old'!!... he's 88 on Tuesday.
    That would make me SO happy. He's had his belongings strewn on the road and his car stolen twice and now he is alone in a rented unit. Not how I saw his old age. He was and is a wonderful Dad and I'd love to have this for him.

    For Others
    1. A hostel in the city for homeless people complete with body guards so both men and women can shower and change clothes and get a meal. A goodnight sleep if they want to be inside and a roof garden if they would feel more comfortable out in the night air. With big lockers so they can put their trolleys there while they 'visit'.

    2. We have a man here who 'does ' wave energy, I'd like to support his 'cause' so he can further research this idea.

    3. Donation to wind generation.

    4. Donation to the Blind Dogs Association.

    5. An endowment (I think its called ) to Bec's Uni so any young people who are struggling to go there can get a supplementary amount just to do something wild so they can take a break. Some of Bec's friends get to Switzerland in the holidays--she always worked.

    6. Of course there would be a huge share to my children.

    7. I would give my best friend enough for a new home and a few years on the 'utilities' and a trip away.

    8. There is a Doctor in Africa operating on ladies with fistulas, she would get a huge donation.

    9. In the same vein my cardiologist would get a donation to fund other peoples heart surgeries who didn't have private health insurance.

    10. I'm sure i would change a lot with so much and these things seem to be small minded, my son is really good with money and I would get his advise as well to THINK BIG.

    Great interactive blog.

    1755 days ago
    I have often played the if I had $$$$$$$$$$ what would I do.
    Silly,but become debt free is the first. Deed the AZ house to our daughter.
    Be sure my disabled sister had a home and the help she needed to age in place.
    Put aside $$ for my 2 middle sister who have worked hard all their lives and probably will never be able to retire. Get health ins for the members of my family who can't afford it. Finish the remodeling in our house that we can't afford. Get a person to clean the house and do the heavy work in the yard.
    Donate to my churches outreach programs, and the list just goes on. I have a cousin who goes to Haiti with a medical team. Dr's with out borders, St Jude's Children's hospital, Shriner s. there are soooooo many.
    Well that was fun. emoticon
    1755 days ago
  • AJB121299
    Buy house in another country, pay off current house, pay off debts, take care of education of children, travel, start own business, not sure of others.
    1755 days ago
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