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Friday, August 02, 2013

I have 1 month left to Dumbo, and I'm starting to sweat it.

Poorly trained, I feel like I'm rushing things now, but doing my best to be ready.

Lots of things seem to be going just a bit off:
Not feeling like running....it's so easy to come up with excuses to not get off my butt and do anything. A friend gave me a note today. It was just a little scrap of paper that said "motivation" on it. She said that she noticed that I seemed to have lost mine, so she was giving me some. Exactly what I needed today! Got off my dupa in Ft. Lauderdale, and while I didn't run, I did go for an extended walk (5 miles) and I feel pretty good.
I did do 8.7 a little over a week ago. Again, I think had it been a flat course, it would have been great, but Manhattan Beach, CA has a big f-ing hill/sea dune. I had to take the stairs to get over it and to the water. The path along the water is pretty flat, at least. My original goal was to get all the way around the El Segundo refinery, but when I got the street where I should have turned to get back to the apartment, I feel awesome (5 miles in) and so I decided to continue on, and go around the water treatment plant too. The only reason I did the last mile (after much uphill) was because that was where my 'crash pad' is at. I was more sleepy tired, than "OMG, I can't take another step, so I better not sit down". I did take water (got a new Camelback waist pack) and Gatorade tabs, so I was not running on empty, thank goodness. I wasn't super sore afterward, which I think is a good sign.

I've also fallen off the 'no Coke' band wagon. At least partially. I'm still not drinking Diet, but I have had about a Coke a day over the last few weeks. I took a sip of Hub's Diet. Blech! Coke is helping me with caffiene. Those blended coffee drinks are worse calorically, and I'm not a big coffee person. Perhaps tea? Part of my is utterly revolted that I'm taking in all those empty calories. And part is, let's face it, lazy. It's so readily available. It's the 'easy' choice. I'm still drinking my 8 glasses of water.

Otherwise, excited (anxious) about the upcoming race. Maybe planning on a real vacation. We're still talking about it. And plugging along.

PS, I almost forgot. I bought (and now pack) a jump rope. It's compact, therefore easy to pack, and I can usually find a safe spot for that, even if I may not be able to do anything else.
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