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Day 12....and logging is a real drag sometimes

Friday, August 02, 2013

****30 DAY CHALLENGE****
1. blog progress/setbacks
2. drink water EVERY DAY not just weekdays.
3. Avoid alcohol like the plague
4. better balance on veggies over fruits
5. lean meats & protein galore.
7. log calories
8. Run once/week

Didn't log calories yesterday. Honestly it's just a PIA when you make a recipe (paleo banana pancakes) and I don't feel like bothering with the hassle. Logging calories in general is very tedious after a while. emoticon I noticed i missed an entire DAY of logging, on Weds. Oops.

Anyway. Had some popcorn last night, just a couple handfuls. While there is no gluten in it, it is a grain, and i try to avoid corn anymore. Oh well. Also had a glass of wine. Not gonna lie, that wine helped me sleep soooooo good, and I didn't even wake up with a sore back like I've been the past couple weeks. Wonder what that's about?

Anyway, I did run today (yay!) and it was good. Felt pretty energized.

Overall, this week has kicked my butt: Made a dumb mistake at work that caused some grief. emoticon I know we're all human and everything, but I spend my days correcting OTHER people's mistakes, so I feel pretty upset about the whole thing. Boss is none too pleased, and the worst part is, i know this is the one and only time i've made this mistake, but in his head, he is thinking....."has this happened before?" and that bothers me more than anything else. Ugh. I HATE MAKING WORK MISTAKES!!!!!!!! I feel i have pretty good job security, but when you support your family, well, the mistakes are a little more detrimental to your metal well-being you know? I mean, DH loses his job, he finds another and we adjust. I have put ALL my eggs in this single basket: I did not finish my degree because earning potential at this job was DOUBLE what my degree would earn me, and leaving is not a voluntary option because NO ONE else could even come close to matching this salary with no masters to back up my experience. Triple UGH.

Also, I've been feeling pretty good lately, leaner, less bloated, my size 8 jeans are comfortable, been working on the whole "body acceptance" thing, and really felt like I was making progress. And then I got a view of myself today I don't normally get (an over the shoulder glimpse in the bathroom mirror) and all of a sudden all the old self-hate came crashing back in. Maybe hate is a strong word, but I instantly started mentally bashing myself. Amazing to me how you can try to build yourself up for WEEKS and one SECOND is all it takes to undo it.

Ack. I think i'm gonna chalk it all up to a stressful, rotten week. I know it's silly to whine & moan about it, but damn, sometimes being an adult is just so freaking overrated it isn't funny. Stress upon stress upon more stress.

This too shall pass, right? emoticon
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  • JIBBIE49
    Keep tracking.
    1724 days ago
    I get burned out on the tracking, tracking, tracking too. Soooooooo time consuming!!

    I love popcorn and occasionally have some. The bad kind. The healthy kind is not worth bothering with for me. I have been reconsidering corn. I hate that it is all GMO any more but I don't worry about it like I do wheat.

    I slept 13 hours last night off and on. Unreal!!

    I can relate to the work mistake. I made 2 my entire career and still am upset about it. My bosses were understanding but it still bothers me. No harm was done at least.

    My body image changes from minute to minute, it seems, but I always look bad. Just degrees of bad. LOL.
    1725 days ago
  • TAARON69
    The weekends are the times that I tend to fail to track. I know this is bad maybe it's because we are busy. . . or maybe it's because these are the times that I tend to not eat as healthy or workout as much? Go figure.

    The 30 day challenge sounds tough. Keep your chin up and you can do it!
    1727 days ago
    I agree that tracking is a huge pain sometimes. It's not too bad when I'm eating my regular foods, but if it's a new recipe or something someone else made it's tough. Sometimes I just put the name of it in the tracker search engine and choose something that sounds similar. I know it's cheating, but better than not bothering to track at all. I'm worried about whether I will have to track calories my whole life. I hope not. Your 30 day challenge sounds tough! Keep up the good work!
    1727 days ago
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