Binged. Over it.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Whoa. What got into me yesterday? I had an insatiable appetite, and once I was no longer hungry I kept wanting to be chewing on something. I think I'm getting bored of the foods I've been eating. I need to come up with some more options.

But have no fear, this train has not been derailed. I had a chat with myself in the mirror last night. "Don't stop now, Nicole. You're doing amazing. You look amazing and feel amazing and it's only going to get better. I am proud of you. But next week has to be a lower number on the scale. It has to. Otherwise, you're going to fall off course for a few weeks until motivation springs again. Just stay on course."

I rode my bike for an hour this morning and am feeling skinny in my jeans. At lunchtime I'll go for a swim. The goal until next Wednesday is to keep the calorie count down. It has to be under 2000 every day. Aim for the 1800 range. You can do this.

Disclaimer: Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

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