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Reflections on July '13

Friday, August 02, 2013

emoticon Physical Heath:

- Flossing. I've black-slid horribly on this one. But I'm visiting my grandparents this weekend, and I packed the floss! (Bonus goal: I've actually been getting much better at wearing my retainer!)

- Spark goals. I'm at four months of 500 minutes per month and on a three week streak of 90 minutes per week. I think I'm getting better at being consistent!

emoticon Dietary Health:

- Protein. This month I've not been great at increasing my protein intake. With my never-ending heartburn, in July I had returned to my "safe" foods, which are pretty much all carbs. However, I've switched from the medication that was causing the heartburn to another that should have fewer side effects, so I think I'll be back on the wagon of improving my diet soon. I did start making my own tuna salad early in the month so it wouldn't have as many funky chemically ingredients as the store-bought pre-made one. I did make it with mayo, but hey, baby steps. And really, fats aren't my problem -- it's carbs!

- Fruits & Veggies. They've mostly suffered the same fate as protein in July. It's on my agenda to shop for fresh fruits on Sunday when I return from my visit with my grandparents. When they are around, I do a pretty good job of eating them. I have been getting better at incorporating some veggies in, and prepared veggie enchiladas (with beans -- protein) a few times this month. Time to get back up to 2 fruits a day (which I was starting to get good at in June) and to try to get 4 solid servings of veggies per week. I'd like to do more, but I'd also like to set myself up for success!

- Water. I average a pretty steady 5 cups a day -- still. I need to make the stretch to 6! I have much more success with reaching 6 cups if I drink 3-4 cups by about noon or 1, so really need to pay attention to my water intake in the mornings to help set myself up for success.

emoticon Mental/Emotional Health:

- Work and home. I'm looking forward to the transition back to part-time work, which will probably be happening around late September or early October. I'm still loving the new apartment, and that is making me feel a lot more relaxed when I'm at home. I'm transitioning to a new anti-depressant, so I've been a little irritable lately while waiting for the new one to kick in at full power. That is making work really hard to tolerate lately, but I've been listening to soothing music at work and trying to focus on the good (not always successfully).

- Piano. I'm really enjoying lessons at every other week. It gives met time to enjoy it, is cheaper, and is less stressful than trying to master my assignments weekly. Even if I don't do so hot, my teacher is really nice. She's like, "You're an adult. Practice or don't. We'll just start out wherever you are, even if it's the same place as last week!"

- Outdoors. Still doing great at this one. My tomato plants are flowering!!

- Getting creative. I've been knitting the world's simplest scarf. I would like to do some kind of patchwork afghan with all of the free yarn I got back in May. Then I could practice new patterns a little at a time.

emoticon Spiritual Health (A fuzzy, but important category for me):

- Prayer. I say prayers with Stephen in the morning and do little ones throughout the day I remember things I'm thankful for or things I/others need help with.

- Outdoors. See above. Fits here in the spiritual category for me too :)

- Awareness of my body. I think being in-tune with my body (which is my soul's vessel in life) is spiritual. I've been doing a lot better at being less "in my head" all the time. It's different, but interesting!

emoticon Social Health:

- Friends. I'm doing a much better job of reaching out to friends. I recently got in touch with an old friend from elementary school who happens to liven in the same town as I do. We went out for dinner with our husbands, and I think we had a really nice time!

- Family. I sent packages to my B-I-L and my sister, and I had my cousins over for a visit.

- Letter writing. I'm getting good at making time to write letters. I'm trying to write a letter a weekend, so all my snail-mail pals get covered in a month.

emoticon Personal Takeaways for July:

- Best Thing of the Month. I really stepped up my fitness and reached my best-ever end of the month fitness minute count: 598!

- Room for Most Improvement. Foods I eat. I need to get back on the fruit/protein wagon, and I need to catch the veggie wagon.

- Highlighted Food Goal for August. Eat 4 servings of veggies per week (at least!).

- Highlighted Fitness Goal for August. Incorporate stretching into my exercises. I want to be able to touch my toes!
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    I love your blog entries! Looks like you have everything covered. Great job this month! emoticon
    2087 days ago
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