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Learning to think outside of the box (Getting free from the Box)

Friday, August 02, 2013

Yesterday I realized I am so stuck in that box of thinking its not funny any more Its either black or white its all or nothing. When in all reality life is about the gray area its the middle ground. This ties into CAMO special ops for the weekend Big question "What is holding you back from the weight loss/fitness results you want?"

My answer is simple begin stuck in inside the BOX of thinking

emoticon moment Yesterday there was no way I wanted to be around anyone once I clocked out from work. First of the month a mad house with food stamps coming out and people having to use them all up as soon as the get them plus a Thursday which means people got paid form there jobs, and then the ZMS is trying to do all she can to make me quit etc I hate the first of the month then to top it off this weekend is tax free for school supplies herein Florida makes for another crazy and stressful day

I got dinner for the family as my plan was to skip the gym I wanted to go and hibernate from people Got home bing! emoticon I don't have to workout at the gym and do my schedule workout I can do something else like go to the PARK to hot to run but I can walk That is what I did went for a 4 mile walk I felt so refreshed when I got done It really is amazing how exercise releases stress !

In fact it never has to be all or nothing compromise works wonders life is in the gray shade and not black nor white Thinking inside the box has a way of holding us back. So time to start thinking outside of the box for success

What our path way to success is and not

Quote I love that I found today " Running is my meditation, mind flush, cosmic telephone, mood elevator, and spiritual communion. Lorraine Moller "

One can take out "running' and insert any active that frees you
emoticon Last night mine was "walking" is my meditation, mind flush, cosmic telephone, mood elevator, and spiritual communion.
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