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Thursday, August 01, 2013

I spent most of the day at my parents' house. I have made some real progress on cleaning my mom's old room. I even started vacuuming the carpet today. I filled another bag with trash, bringing the tally to 21. Mom and I also sorted another batch of clothes and I took three bags to the thrift store drop box this evening. Pretty soon I will have accomplished what I set out to do in there.

My niece arrived this evening. She is sick, but still wants to do this road trip. I think she is nuts, but I know I would do it too. Everything is working out nicely, and it looks like I might get some paddling in while I am in Ithaca next week. My brother wants to do some early morning paddles, possibly even a little of the Erie Canal. I am still a bit nervous about this trip as we haven't even settled on a route down to DC. There are a finite number of logical choices, which narrows things a bit. I hope Tigan feels better by tomorrow afternoon, because I want her to be able to drive when we get to the city, as I hate city driving. I like small town driving where ten cars is considered a traffic jam!

I didn't get a run today, as I was either cleaning or running errands all day. I could go out and do it now, but it is almost 10pm. I need to pack, clean out my fridge and get to bed. We plan on leaving pretty early in the morning, so I need to go to bed fairly soon, and I still have quite a bit to do. Eek, I am so not prepared.

I had to get more blood work done this afternoon. That is five times in the past two weeks. The lab tech said she could feel the bruising in my arms when she was trying to stick me with the needle. I am so ready to have a couple weeks off from getting poked. I was told to take my lab slip with me, so if the doctor decides I need to repeat the blood work again while I am gone I can go to a lab out in Ithaca. I haven't decided if I will take it though. I might "accidentally" forget it.
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