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I think this is when the change has taken place...

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Today my boyfriend and I went to a new wing shop called "Wing Stop". We split 15 wings and a large fry. Neither one of us could finish it and we gave the leftovers to my parents. I thought about this for a second. Normally between the both of us we could have easily demolished all the food and probably more. I started to get full after about 4-5 wings and some of the fries and I left it at that. I was satiated. I noticed that I don't feel good about myself when I cheat, even a small amount. It's like my mind has had a switch flipped that tells me, yes it tastes good BUT you don't need it or, you can eat this, this and this and still have enough calories left over to eat this which would probably equal out to what you're eating now. So I just eat less of it. I still enjoy the taste and enjoying the fried foods and the not good for me foods, but now I know the moderation that I have to take has now been officially drilled into my head. It's like Steph, you can have some but remember, you don't need a lot to satisfy yourself. It's like it's finally clicked. You don't need to eat the whole bag of chips, you can do with just a serving. You don't need to eat all of your dinner while you're out to eat, just eat a half or a third and take it home and finish it in another day or two. You don't HAVE to eat it all.

On another note:

My boyfriend has been watching me and listening to me talk about what I've been doing and he now wants to start eating healthier and exercising. Especially after I calculated how much he was eating on a regular basis and how high some of stuff was like, cholesterol, sodium, fat and calories. I think it shocked him. He's decided he wants to be healthy, he wants to maintain the weight he's at now but build muscle and start eating better. Now we just have to figure out how to make this happen. I'm pretty excited he's starting to become more serious about it. He's mentioned it a few times but never did anything, now I think he really wants to do this. I hope this goes well. *Fingers Crossed*
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