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Baily's New Boots

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Baily's first time in her new hiking boots did not go so well. Some further research will be necessary before we attempt this again. Perhaps it was a bad fit.

My breakfast protein power spinach smoothie was quite unique this morning. You might even say it was a first time ever recipe that no one will repeat.

Wild Blueberries
Vanilla Protein Powder
Ground Flax Seed
Black Pepper (thought to be cinnamon)

One sip was all it took to realize I grabbed the black pepper instead of the cinnamon by mistake.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CAROL_31649731
    Sooo cute! And I bet the receipe would have been good with cinnamon, though!
    1728 days ago
    Too bad your smoothie didn't work out so well. I hope little Bailey gets used to her new footwear.
    1741 days ago
    Oh Boo lol. They will keep your feet protected. The bewildered face of a Spaniel, always so cute!
    1741 days ago
    Poor Baily. First time I've heard of doggie boots. -- Lou
    1742 days ago
    1746 days ago
    Oh my!! I am so sorry, I laughed so hard at Bailey's expression and the precise way she wouldn't set her paws down. I know this is not the response you wanted from Bailey, but still oh so precious!!
    1746 days ago
    Most dogs don't appreciate having boots on their feet initially. You can use treats (super yummy ones!) to distract her when she has them on in the house, or you can take her for a walk (or a hike) so that she has so much fun she forgets she has them on.

    Jack Jack hates boots . . . normally in the house he won't move if he has boots on, but when we go out for a walk, he forgets he has them on.
    1750 days ago
    Poor Bailey bu cute watching her expressions
    1751 days ago
    Not too sure about that smoothie!
    1751 days ago
    Poor Baily didn't like the shoes! She was afraid to even walk in them! LOL! Sure is better than getting pickers in the paws though!

    Good luck, and I hope she gets used to them on!
    1751 days ago
    You know, I have been enjoying a chai blend of spices that includes pepper and for a moment I thought... maybe that would be OK.... but then I thought about the few grains of pepper I put in compared to the spoon of cinnamon.... emoticon
    1752 days ago
    My goodness, wasn't that a little too much velcro!? I had to laugh right along with you!! The look on Boo's face was priceless!!
    I think most dogs do not like those shoes! I tried them once and my dog hated it and tried to rip them off! I am thinking they might be hazardous for Boo out on those trails? Might get stuck on something or other?
    That smoothie sounded good until I read about the pepper! But, hey pepper is good for you too!! emoticon
    1752 days ago
  • STR458
    poor Baily... doesn't like it
    1753 days ago
    Oh nooo! I like pepper, but maybe not in a smoothie! lol! I tried chia seeds and other than having to pick them out of my teeth I didn't mind them. Those booties can be quite the trial for sure!
    1754 days ago
    Smoothies aren't my thing, but well...that much pepper would definitely wake you up.

    And I really like Baily's impression of a statue! And I suspect she didn't like being laughed at...she needed a chance to walk the runway & strut her stuff with lots of adulation.
    1754 days ago
    Ohhhh my goooodnesssssssss! Black pepper!!!!!!!! Maybe it could help clear your sinuses!?!?!?!?
    1754 days ago
    awww... poor Bailey! haha she'll get there ;) The black pepper mistake must have been quite the shock!
    1754 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Poor Baily! Maybe the stairs wasn't the best place to try them out on :P
    I put ginger root in my smoothies, gives a new dimension and perkiness to the flavor, never would have thought of pepper!! Sorry you messed up your smoothie!
    1754 days ago
    May I request more Bailey on camera? Laughed. So. Hard.

    1754 days ago
    Bailey did not like those!
    1754 days ago
    I think you can call that the Never Again smoothie. emoticon
    1755 days ago
    Bailey was saying "What the Hello"?!? The look was priceless!

    Mmmmm, i almost used cumin instead of cinnamon the other day. Would have been a HUGE mistake! I feel for you!

    1755 days ago
    Are you looking for a protective padding type boot, or just something to keep the pickers out? (I thought I heard you say that) If its just for pickers, you could try a kid/babys grippy type sock. I've never tried, but have read articles about it. Good*Luck! By the way, our dog would do the EXACT same!
    1755 days ago
    Ummm, I think I'll pass on the smoothie! emoticon

    Poor Baily does not look impressed! emoticon
    1755 days ago
  • -RUBIES-
    Oh my goodness, Bailey surely was out of her comfort zone! Too cute!
    1755 days ago
    Bailey's reaction to the boots is priceless. Good luck figuring out how to get her to wear them; I'm sure they will help in rough hiking terrain!

    I think we all have made at least one kitchen "oops" like that, usually more than once. Some are tolerable, some not so much!
    1755 days ago
    Love me some Baily video...ty for sharing.

    uh oh on the black pepper


    Baily's first look when you called her after you put the boots on...... emoticon lol
    1755 days ago
  • KLONG8
    OK, that was funny. I tried those on Jersey and she sort of "goose-stepped" around until they fell off! She didn't like them but they are a big help in bad weather or rough terrain. They just don't get why you are torturing them.

    And yes, I'll pass on your smoothie. Ugh. I did something similar making guacamole once for a dinner party. I used cinnamon instead of chili powder! Not good!
    1755 days ago
    wow..black pepper...was wondering if I was missing something...guess not! Sorry you messed up your smoothie!!
    1755 days ago
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