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Thursday, August 01, 2013

So, as good as I have done, I have really been struggling for the last month. I haven’t been as good about tracking as I was. I have been more willing to put workouts on hold for one reason or another. I have been slacking some on how good I am eating.

So, I have been trying to figure out what is going on or what to do to change it. Some of it has to do with summer and having a lot going on. Which means it is easier to eat bad. It also means that I have less time overall to workout. But luckily most of what I have been doing is active so I am not as upset about missed walks or rides. All the trips I have taken have been great, but they also play their own role in making it difficult. Eating out and relaxing by the pool or lake or beach are not conducive to losing weight I think.

So, while I am really looking forward to the cruise next week, I will be glad in a strange way when it is over. Just so I can get back in a routine. Get focused again. And settle back down for awhile and concentrate on the task at hand. The good news in all of this is, I have been ruthless in a sense and haven’t really gained any back. So that is a good thing.

But, and this is a biggie, I think my mind got a little warped. When I got back in the grove back in January, my calorie range was like 1900 to 2100 calories per day. Back in late May, I readjusted my goal and it brought my calorie ranges down to between 1700 and 2000. Up till then, I had always stayed on the low end of what I was eating. When the calorie range dropped I cut back and was still trying to stay on the low end. And suddenly I was resenting what I couldn’t have. So, I went from eating in the high 1800’s range to mid 1600. That doesn’t sound like much of a drop, and physically it probably wasn’t. But mentally that change was not a good thing. I started feeling like I had no wiggle room. Until then I felt I had some room to have an ice cream or something and would choose not to eat it. With the drop in calories I always felt I was bumping into the range and then had no room for a treat. I felt I didn’t have a choice in having a treat, since there was no room for a treat, it wasn’t allowed.

It hit me on the way in to work this morning after a couple bad nights of binging. I broke my rule of using Spark as a guide then finding a plan that worked for me and following the plan until it no longer worked. The plan was working, but I changed it. So, I am going to try sort of a fresh start. I am going to increase the calorie intake to more middle of the range so I am not feeling like a Fiber One 90 calorie bar is off limits. Interestingly this will put me right back about to where I was calorie wise.

A quote from Yogi Berra about baseball applies in life as much as it does to baseball. “Baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical.” It is amazing what our minds can do to us. So i guess the biggest lesson I am learning here is that we can't be complacent. We need to monitor what is going on. In the past, this is point where I have given up and just said it's too hard and I will never reach my goal. But this time will be different. I have come to far to let a little thing like my mind derail me. :)

So, I am coming out of this with a plan of sorts. I am not usually one to plan to heavily. A friend on here asked what my plan was for the cruise and it made me chuckle since I don’t really have a plan other than to have fun and enjoy myself. I realize I will gain weight on the cruise. I know I will have to re-travel some of the road already traveled. But I plan to stay away from the truly bad foods and enjoy some well prepared healthy stuff. The buffets are always packed with fruits and veggies. So, I will try to keep in mind the fill your plate with 50% veggies and see how it goes. We have 2 complete days at sea so I plan to use the fitness center and the track on deck. Track in the morning and hopefully an indoor bike later in the day or after dinner. So, as she pointed out, I do have a plan. It isn’t much, but will work for me.

And I plan to work my tail off starting the day I get back. Now if only the next 9 days goes fast until we leave!
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  • HILLSLUG98239
    It's good that you've put a lot of thought into it. You had a slow month, but you're owning it, rather than trying to justify or ignore it. That's a pattern for lifetime success, even if you do have an occasionaly bad month.

    I completely recognize the difference in giving up an extra 200 calories. Articles always point out "It's only two cookies!" or "It's two tablespoons of salad dressing!" B.S. When you're already limiting what you're eating, you're probably not eating those two cookies to begin with, and heck, if you can't have two tablespoons of salad dressing to help you digest the minerals in that big, healthy salad you're eating, why have the salad to begin with?

    When you're already watching your calorie intake, 200 calories is no bacon with your egg sandwich, no cream in your coffee, and no butter on your toast. Those are little things, but they make a huge difference in how much I'm enjoying life. So I'm glad you're giving yourself a little more leeway. We want to be healthy, but we deserve to enjoy life, too!
    1753 days ago
    Nothing like fall approaching to make you crave discipline and a schedule! I'm feeling it too. I've also started increasing my calories a little bit and feel less deprived and I'm losing weight...amazing how that happens! Have a wonderful trip. I gained weight on my cruise, but the one thing I did do was try things and if it's not really good I didn't eat it. I felt like I threw a lot of food away. But it wasn't worth even more pounds having to relose! Bon Voyage!!!
    1753 days ago
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