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To Weight Watch or Spark...that is the question

Thursday, August 01, 2013

All right, hello everyone, it is time for my yearly blog post! I've got to get better at keeping up with this. From now on, sparkpeople > facebook. Anyone else feel like that or is just me?

Ok, I got off topic. So...this has been an odd year for me, weight-wise. I see that in my last post, I was eating fast food and convenience foods because I had no time to cook, yet my size 13/14 jeans, while barely and inappropriately tight to be seen in public, still fit.

Now, August 1, 2013, I am guessing but I am probably going to say they still don't fit. I've got to get it together!! I joined a gym in May, went 2-5 times a week for the first month, and now I'm all like 'gym? what's a gym?'. I do yoga maybe once or twice a week. I am very active at my job which is three consecutive days in a row (two ten hour shifts and a six hour shift, plus an hour commute round-trip daily)...and I wonder why, I can't seem to get myself on a good routine?

The good news is, when I did join the gym, I cut myself off from eating fast food at work and mostly at home, but I think the last time I had it was a week and a half ago (Darn you, Arby's for basically being in my backyard, and curses to you McDonald's for being Arby's neighbor!!)...roast beef is healthy, right? Oh wait, then there's the cheese and those sauces enriched with HFCS...yep, that was a bad last meal.

But you know what? I did something good last night! I wanted ice cream, but it never happened! Instead, I ate another enchilada (homemade) and rice and passed out on the couch. Guys, I need help.

So, WW has this thing where they'll waive the enrollment fee if you pay upfront for six months online. I have never used them, or really any weight loss program before -- except, I did try Herbalife if that counts -- and I am nervous. Well, part of me is nervous, that thrifty little person on my shoulder that reminds me of how much money I could be saving if I do a copy-cat WW plan or religiously use Spark People. Then, there's the other little person on my shoulder, the overweight one, the one that is desperate to get healthy once and for all, to quit playing games, and is willing to shell out a little cash if this program actually works.

I've got my choice cut out for me, I really do. I just know that I've had enough. I know what I need from this program, and that is:

1.) To be able to eat lunch (and probably snacks) at work that do not require a microwave or anything more than a cooler and will satisfy me enough so that I don't buy the candy we sell in the impulse section

2.) To be motivated enough to either make dinners ahead prior to my three work days or have the meals be quick and easy enough that I can make them in 10 minutes or less on work nights

3.) To be able to avoid foods with artificial sweeteners, HFCS, soy products, hydrogenated oils --- which I do already, so that's good, right? I just don't want the plan suggesting any "low-fat" cheeses that are probably sweetened and oversalted to compensate for the fat they unnaturally cut out and make it slight palatable.

So that's that. Oh, and I'd no matter which plan I go with, I really am going to start walk/running again. I did enjoy that. If you've made it this far in my post, THANK YOU! I know I can ramble sometimes, especially when it's been awhile since I've posted. I am gladly accepting any thoughts, opinions, advice, etc, so thanks in advance if you do that! :)

-Mrs. J
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KWOOD1955
    You go girl!!!
    1603 days ago
    I couldn't tell you whether WW would work as I have no money to invest in those kinds of groups.

    I can tell you that if you are willing to do the work for yourself, Spark can work as long as you're using it. I liked doing the work to find out if I'm eating the right things, the actual calorie counts to certain items (really 600 calories in one muffin?), and the forums here. I also am one that loves to sit in front of the computer playing in forums, so this was just the next step for me.

    If you are fine being a loner like me, then if you really use the site for all it has to offer, you don't need to join a weight loss group, but if you like the group setting with face to face contact, I would suggest using WW or another weight loss group. I would do my research into the different groups that are available in your area before jumping into some "limited time, really great deal".
    1757 days ago
    In the fall I will be doing the YMCA and SparkPeople. I think you could do both if you get a routine set up. Best wishes!
    1757 days ago
    Thanks for the comments and advice! I think I am going to definitely try WW AND keep up with my spark people, too.
    1758 days ago
    Why not use both? Just because you follow weight watchers doesn't mean you can't continue to log your food and exercise here, does it?
    1758 days ago
  • KAT321123
    You do have your work cut out for you in figuring out this choice! It's a tough one.

    You asked for thoughts, so here are mine. For me, health is more important than weight and I think with health comes a healthy weight. I've used WW before and have some people in my life who have lost a LOT of weight using WW. However, I don't like that it doesn't take nutrients into consideration at all. I could, theoretically, lose weight eating solely McDonald's and meeting my points daily, but what matters more to me is the nutrients that come with what we eat. There's more to it for me than just exercise and food, which is what WW targets. Add in the fact that WW is pricy, even with a good deal, and other programs are free and for me it's a no-brainer. With that said, I know we're all different and I know WW works so well for some point if their primary goal is weight loss. I also know for some people spending the money motivates them to make use of their investment, so there's a benefit to WW in that way.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. You totally have the power to make a plan and stick with it, even with your wonky work schedule =)
    1758 days ago
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