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30-Day Challenge = 8/1/13 Becoming an Advocate of my own health

Thursday, August 01, 2013

30-Day Challenge = Becoming an Advocate of my own health, start date: 8/1/13


Take my meds every day
Include eating fruits & veggies at least 6 days per week
Cut back on flour and added sugar food items
Take the stairs up 3 flights at work instead of elevator expand lungs
Drink water daily and add crystal lite to it sometimes.
Eat better in control of food portions.
Write down what I eat to obtain a better success rate

8/26/13 = in 30 days I see a lung specialist = due to coughing for months
Sept or Oct = time for my A1C blood sugar test = last BS reading it was 7.0 in May 2013
(that 7.0 resulted from eating mixed veggies at least 4 x per week)

So I can do it!
MASTER YOUR THOUGHTS = Choose your thought daily the way you choose your clothes every day. If you dont choose your master your thoughts, you will be in trouble

Thursday 8/1/13 emoticon

FOOD brought to work for breakfast and lunch: emoticon

Breakfast: light nonfat peach yogurt and fresh cut strawberries to put in it.

1 measured serving of mash potatoes
2 servings of cut green beans
3 oz of chicken strips
1 Tbspn of French dressing, sm. salad of lettuce/cucumbers, 1 Tbspn of real bacon bits
1 bananas
handful of grapes

Snacks available in case I get overly hungry:
2 tangerines
1 apple
handful of grapes


emoticonTake my meds every day
emoticonInclude eating fruits & veggies at least 6 days per week
emoticonCut back on flour and added sugar food items
emoticonTake the stairs up 3 flights at work instead of elevator expand lungs
emoticon Drink water daily and add crystal lite to it sometimes.
emoticonEat better in control of food portions.
emoticonWrite down what I eat to obtain a better success rate

emoticon THE SCALE REPORT emoticon

04/20/13 = 343
04/21/13 = 347.2 = swollen feet/ankles
04/22/13 = 342
04/23/13 = 341
04/24/13 = 341
04/25/13 = 338.2
04/26/13 = 338.2
04/27/13 = 337.0
04/28/13 = 336.4
05/04/13 = 339.0
05/12/13 = 338.8
05/15/13 = 337.2
05/16/13 = 334.6
05/22/13 = 333.8
05/25/13 = 332.4 = Dr. added a RX and my feet/ankles no longer swell, yeh!!!
06/01/13 = 330.8
06/15/13 = 328.2 = from adding veggies, some fruit, & more protein in my diet
6/15/13 = I joined WW today.
06/15/13 = 328.2
07/06/13 = 326.0 = I Rebelled for 3 wks & stopped meds, dieting and WW
07/27/13 = 331.2 (glad to see it is ONLY 331.2 lbs, yeh!!!) There is still hope :)
08/01/13 = 329.0 lbs = yeh!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1758 days ago
    The plan works if you work the plan!

    It sounds like you've been collecting lots of good info and facts over the last few months. Here are some good facts you may not know. Most people are completely unaware of them!

    Most people do know that insulin's #1 job is to keep our blood sugar (glucose) levels from going too high. Too much sugar in our blood is actually lethal, right?

    So how does this work? Well, insulin causes cells in the liver, skeletal muscles, and fat tissue to absorb glucose from the blood. That's good, right? Yup. It's good.

    Insulin does something else, though. It also stops the body's ability to release or use fat as an energy source! Think about it - if too much glucose in the blood is poisonous to us, then our bodies would do everything possible to get rid of the excess sugar as quickly as possible, right? And that means ignoring other potential sources of energy. (Except for alcohol, which is even more toxic than sugar. Your body will burn alcohol BEFORE any other thing, including sugar.)

    It gets worse. If it turns out that there is way too much glucose in your blood at any point in time, insulin will then see to it that the glucose immediately gets STORED as fat! So not only does that big bowl of pasta carry a lot of calories for not very much nutrition, it also spikes your blood sugar, which spikes your insulin, which makes you stop burning fat.

    And then it gets EVEN WORSE! A few hours after the pasta is safely stored, there is probably still too much insulin in your blood stream, which is also bad for you. Among other things it can cause inflammation and that inflammation from high insulin levels is one of the reasons your blood pressure goes up. But it also causes you to crave the very thing that brought the insulin out in the first place - more sugar and starch!

    It's a vicious circle and one that's very hard to break. The best thing you can do for your health and your weight is to control the amount of insulin you need to produce, and that's done by doing what you're doing now - going as low on starch and sugar as you can and focusing on nutrient-packed foods instead. Protein and fat will keep you from feeling hungry, and as long as you keep your sugar and starch low and coming from only healthy sources like fruits and veg you'll lose fat and have way fewer cravings.

    1758 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/1/2013 2:20:56 PM
    Love your challenge. emoticon
    1759 days ago
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