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National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

Thursday, August 01, 2013

National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

When : Always August 1st

National Raspberry Cream Pie Day is perfect for raspberry lovers.

Raspberries are one of the gems of summer. Sweet and tasty, it is loved by millions of people (and birds, too!) With the arrival of ripe berries, it is time to make and enjoy some of your favorite dessert treats. High on the list for raspberry lovers, is raspberry cream pie.

Make this a super raspberry day. Go out and pick your own berries. Then, make a raspberry cream pie. Better still, make one for you, and another to give away to a family member, a neighbor, or a friend. Then, dig in and eat a piece of pie....Yummmm!

This Day in History August 1st

Richard the Lionheart landed on Jaffa and defeated the army of Saladin (1192)

Christopher Columbus becomes the first European to visit what is now Venezuela. (1498)

The Speedwell leaves Delfshaven to bring pilgrims to America by way of England. (1620)

British scientist Joseph Priestley discovered oxygen gas, corroborating the prior discovery of this element by German-Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele. (1774)

The Acts of Union 1800 is passed in which merges the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. (1800)

First Barbary War: The American schooner USS Enterprise captures the Tripolitan polacca Tripoli in a single-ship action off the coast of modern-day Libya. (1801)

Slavery is abolished in the British Empire as the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 comes into force. (1834)

Non-laborer slaves in most of the British Empire are emancipated. (1838)

Laborer slaves in most of the British Empire are emancipated. (1840)

The Lombard Street Riot erupts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. (1842)

Colorado is admitted as the 38th U.S. state. (1876)

The start of the first Scout camp on Brownsea Island, the origin of the worldwide Scouting movement. (1907)

Germany declares war on Russia at the opening of World War I. The Swiss Army mobilizes because of World War I. (1914)

The Warsaw Uprising against the Nazi occupation breaks out in Warsaw, Poland. (1944)

The United States and Canada form the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD). (1957)

Islamabad is declared the federal capital of the Government of Pakistan. (1960)

Charles Whitman kills 16 people at the University of Texas at Austin before being killed by the police. (1966)

Vigdís Finnbogadóttir is elected President of Iceland and becomes the world's first democratically elected female head of state (1980)

MTV begins broadcasting in the United States and airs its first video, "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles. (1981)

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has a Ten Commandments monument installed in the judiciary building, leading to a lawsuit to have it removed and his own removal from office. (2001)

The I-35W Mississippi River bridge spanning the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, collapses during the evening rush hour. (2007)
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