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Day 1 (Again)

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Oh my goodness the day has finally arrived! Day 1, August 1st, 2013. First I want to thank the people who have been reading my blog and commenting. You guys have been a huge motivation for me and really helped me get excited about today! I want to apologize in advance for this huge post because it will be a long read but I really want to talk about my plans for food and working out.

First off I'll be following the Spark Diet. Which is really less of a diet and more of a lifestyle change. Diet has such negativity associated with it, so I just don't use the word. I'm not on a diet, I'll never be on a diet. Instead I'll eat healthy, make healthy choices like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and live healthy. During the first phase of the Spark Diet (which is just a name, not actually a diet) I'll be completing 6 steps, some of which I've already got a good grasp on. I plan on only staying in this phase, called Fast Break, for a week. So, here are the 6 steps, what I plan to do for them, or how I did them if I've already got them covered.

1. Do you know what you are eating? Yes, I track my food every day using the Spark Nutrition Tracker.
2. Find the Time. I've made some small changes to my day to give me brief workouts throughout the day. I also have time set aside to prepare proper meals so I don't end up getting food delivered or eating something really bad.
3. Setting Up Shop. I'll be working on convincing my husband we don't need sweets in the house all the time, and I got an elliptical so I won't have to make the trip to the gym which I know I'm unlikely to do. I'd really like to get a water bottle which will help me keep hydrated while I'm working out. And awesomely, my elliptical has a cup holder, so I don't even have to get off it to have a drink!
4. Site tricks & tips. Having been a member of Spark people off and on for the last decade (it seems that long at least) I've seen a lot of changes happen and I know the site pretty well. The biggest trick/tip I have for people is to go to
and bookmark that page. This is the Spark Diet page. The page has links to more than 20 other pages which were at one time daily articles. Now this feature is really only highlighted in the SparkCoach videos and only old timers like me really seem to know about it.
5. Keeping goal top of mind. I have terrible memory. And if I'm not always thinking about something I will forget about it. Even things like logging into Spark. So I've created a daily checklist on . This way I never forget anything. And Checklist is bookmarked so all I have to do each morning is remember to click it! Much easier to remember one thing instead of 20.
6. Which diet strategies work for you? I'll be taking the SparkPeople Diet Personality Profiler Quiz right after I finish writing to see what Spark says I should be doing. And I'll try my best to incorporate it into the plan I already have. Otherwise my plan for right now is to get more fresh foods in and less carbs. These last couple of days carbs have been 50% of my food!

So those are the 6 steps for this week. I'll let everyone know how they go. That last one though leads me into food. Today my husband and I ordered €100 worth of meat from a local butcher. This much meat will last the two of us all month! And this has allowed me to plan my entire month worth of food! Except while I'm away in Germany though. Unfortunately it won't arrive until tomorrow. Tonight that means left over pork chops with baby potatoes and green beans. For lunch I'm having ramen noodles (my favorite lunch) with ham, hard boiled egg, and broccoli.

Workouts. So, I'm trying to start myself off light. I'm still starting that virtual hike in Yosemite but the goal of two miles a day is something I'll have to work up to. Here is my plan for today instead:

Workout 1: Just before lunch
Elliptical - 5 minutes
1 Spark Workout Video
20 Wall Pushups

Workout 2: ~4PM
Elliptical - 10 minutes
The 28-Day Bootcamp Workout Challenge
A Seated Workout

Lets start off August with a bang! Go into it with a strong plan and keep the momentum going. Have a great day!
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