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A new month begins, and a New Year of Maintenace

Thursday, August 01, 2013

In August, 2010, I declared myself "done" losing at my JC center, and entered "official" maintenance. I weighed about 2 pounds more than I do right now at that time. My weight over the intervening years has been as much as 7 pounds less than it is now... and it has drifted up to 4 or 5 pounds over at times... but in about a week, I'll be entering what I will consider YEAR 4 of the current maintenance.

What is the hardest thing to maintain in living a healthy lifestyle? Hands down, for ME, it's motivation. I fight the battle of motivation on a regular basis. I'm sure I'm not the only one. That's why we Spark! When one is down, another is "up" to offer a hand, or vice versa.

What am I proudest of in this maintenance, as opposed to previous attempts as "staying there"? That I have not allowed things happening around me or in other areas of my life to overwhelm my determination to keep healthy habits in my life "at some level". I have drawn that "line in the sand" I've blogged about. I haven't just wished... I've acted.

What keeps me going, when the going gets tough? The knowledge, gained the hard way, that not everyone HAS a choice. But that I do. I would be dishonoring those who have no choice if I chose to do nothing to help myself live healthier!

I am thinking of my sister in law, who succumbed to ALS in the past year. I am thinking of service men and women and first responders who lost their lives in the line of duty. I am thinking of those with debilitating illnesses that prevent them from exercising.

My own obesity was behavioral, and yes, I used food as my drug of choice, as a compulsion / addiction. It got in the way of living the life I envied others for having: an active life.

While I've been battling the number on the scale for my entire adult life (started the last year in high school trying to control that number)... I have learned things THIS time that just didn't stick before. I have learned that it is NOT the number on the scale that makes me happy. It is the sticking up for myself, it is the behavior that takes care of ME. It is a HEALTHY form of selfishness. It is that I am worth not MORE nor LESS than another human being, but worth AS MUCH.

And it is the behavior that drives my health. The number on the scale is not my grade. The time across the finish line is not my grade. But they are milestones, like a point on a GPS, that tell me where I am.

And know what? Right now? Today... I'm in a good place. I am living!

To dos for today:
* Drink that water.
* Eat what's in the bag, it's why you packed it.
* Prioritize what you work on.
* Remember to go to recess.
* And respect yourself. YOU are a valued member of the human race!

emoticon emoticon emoticon Namaste.
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