Putting A Stressful Day In The Rear View

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Man, was yesterday stressful! But first a quick recap of the day before that:

The night before last I had a huge problem struggling with the binge monster. I'm still not quite sure if I was genuinely hungry or was seeking psychological release by eating, but I couldn't help but eat SOMETHING even though I was already at my target calorie range when I got home from work. I kept it at about 1469 that day instead of my desired 1200-1300, but that's still within my Spark range, so I'll live with that.

Yesterday, though, I decided to try something different with food. Against my better judgement, I upped my lunch (first meal of the day) from 340 to 500 and ate something heartier. It was much more satisfying, and by my dinner break at work I wasn't completely ravenous, nor did I have the desire to eat a snack in between. As expected I ate Chipotle for dinner, which was a delicious, pre-calculated 735 calories. I was planning to keep it at that for the whole day because that combo was actually really filling! The only problem though was work was so stressful yesterday that I had to allow myself some kind of mini binge to de-stress a bit. I was in complete control though, and 300 calories of my favorite chips and dip put me right at 1545 calories. It's only five calories under my max, but considering how the work day went I can live with that.

So yeah. I'm okay with yesterday's food being high as long as I stayed in range, and I'm thankful that the binge monster didn't rear his head today. I might try a similar plan of beefing up my first meal to keep from that ravenous hunger from creeping up on me later on at night and causing me to make bad decisions.

But yeah. Yesterday was one of the most stressful work days I've had in awhile. Two people who were training new employees called in sick, so not only did I have my own trainee to handle, but two others who were constantly asking me questions and needing me to come over and help that. That's fine and all, but the phones were absolutely ringing non-stop for some reason, and that combined with people asking me to publish their symptom reports or asking me what this piece of data is was a bit too hectic and chaotic. My primary objective is to publish my computer, and I was barely able to get that done! I couldn't even sit at my station and complete a task without being interrupted a few times to do numerous different things. The experience left me feeling scatterbrained, unproductive, stressed for time, and all kinds of all over the place. I hate that! Today has to be better.

Once I again I'm so, so thankful I allowed myself a mental health day at the beginning of this week, because right now the only thing getting me through this is that I have one less day between me and a three day weekend. I think it will help today that I don't have to feel guilty about losing a fight with the binge monster, though! And I'm kind of happy that yesterday the scale said I dropped 0.8 pounds in a day. I know that I could fluctuate back up from that in such a short period of time but it makes me feel like I'm making progress.

Phew! That's all I have to say as far as that is concerned.

I have high hopes that today is a vast improvement over yesterday. I plan on getting an early start and an extra hour of sleep to start things off. I know if I manage to do one or two productive things before work like wash my car or run errands, I will feel more upbeat and positive at the beginning of my shift, and that usually makes a huge difference. The indulgence of Chipotle last night was a great treat and has actually boosted my mood already, haha. Here's hoping, right?

I think I'm going to spend some time luxuriating in bed before luxuriating in a long, hot shower. What better way to kick off a Thursday? Hope everyone is doing great out there in Sparkland!
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  • TIG123GER
    Hope you had a much better day and kudos on the weight loss. You are doing all the right things so be proud of yourself!
    1750 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    Nice job trying to change things up.
    Now I want Chipotle for dinner! I am actually going to make a brown rice & turkey ground meat "Bowl" for dinner - and I like to add the chipotles sauce! Yum!
    Keep moving forward!!
    1756 days ago
    Good Luck on having a Great Day Today!
    1756 days ago
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