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The Dangling Tootsie Roll

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WARNING: You might be grossed out by this, but if you have kids or pets, you'll understand. And it is a true story. It just happened a few minutes ago.

First of all, Bad Leroy Brown is the four-legged love of our life.

He loves to ride and often is our traveling companion. He's also a therapy dog, having worked with me with the elderly for several years. But most of all, he is a constant source of joy and laughter in our home.

I thought I'd share an example of that with you by relating something that just happened, just a few minutes ago.

It wasn't long after I'd come back inside after taking Leroy out for a few minutes to enjoy his sunbeam.

I had just sat down to check in with SparkPeople when I heard Leroy making his cute little chirpy chattering sound somewhere in the house. Which is weird because normally, he's right by my side.

So, I got up and headed towards the kitchen. Usually when he makes that cute little chirpy sound, I'll find him standing next to the cabinet where I keep his treat jar. But he wasn't there.

So I started down the hallway, thinking maybe he was in the bedroom wanting up on the bed to take a nap.

Then I heard him . . . .down the stairs. His chirping was coming from his indoor/outdoor kennel area downstairs where he goes to take care of 'business' when he's inside.

So I went down the stairs, walking towards his kennel area when I noticed he was standing next to where he had deposited a couple 'tootsie rolls'. But he was still just standing there, looking up at me with this helpless look on his face that clearly said "Mom, help me!"

I reached over to pick him up. That's when I saw he had a 'tootsie roll' caught in his fur a couple of inches from . . . well, you know from where.

I grabbed the roll of toilet paper I always keep handy and began to remove the offending thing, thinking I'd have to give him a bath immediately to clean him up.

But to my surprise, the 'tootsie roll' was not caught in his fur at all . . . it was just dangling there.

So, I began to remove it only to find that it was securely attached to something.

As I moved it away from him, it became clear that it WAS indeed connected - - - - by a very long silver hair.

Apparently he had somehow swallowed the hair and it had run the course along with his dinner.

(My hair is about 3 inches long, but my DH has a long ponytail.)

So that is the story of the Dangling Tootsie Roll.
Just another adventure in the life of Bad Leroy Brown.

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