continuing with my veggies...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I been juicing for about two months now and Iam feeling just great...
Incorporating juicing into my diet has made me feel good about myself, I have not weighted myself because I tend to fall into becoming obsessed with what the scale says and that its just not healthy for me, everything is a process and by continuing my juicing meams so much to me, everytime I drink a juice makes me feel so satosfy but not guilty at all and the best part is that I can drink as many as I want jajaj...

I havent stopped jogging routine, well I kinda did this past week, but Iam back in track and hope to continue without any problems. Jogging is the best way for me to release my stress, which is something that I love, at first I thought that juicing would made me feel without energy, but to my
surprise it has been the opposite, feeling so light, so full of energy

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