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I Hate the Scale

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I was so eager for weigh-in this morning. Then I got on the scale and saw a .3 pound loss. (SIGH) With the extra work I did this week I expected at least a pound loss, but it wasn't to be. I have been around here a long time and I KNOW not to put so much stock in what the scale says, but it is so hard not to get one's hopes up.

I won't quit. I know that I can plug along like this with no scale movement and all of the sudden the drop occurs. I just want it NOW! (I feel like I'm a 4-year-old.)
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    I can identify with this - totally
    1782 days ago
    I hear ya Jen! I didn't unpack my scale until last week because I didn't want to see what it said. Well, it is time to take action again. You are doing great. Your scale is still going in the right direction.
    1782 days ago
    Nothing wrong with being a four year old. They're so cute at that age! You're doing great. Keep making the healthy choices and the scale will have to listen eventually.
    1784 days ago
    We all know that the scale is just a messenger but we all get impatient at moments. I don't think there is one person on this site who doesn't want to see results NOW. After all, everyone has a child within!

    The loss will come and it will show up on the scale. All you can do is just keep making the healthy choices and doing what you are doing.

    Try weighing less often too. Instead of once a week, maybe try once every two weeks or once a month and you will see bigger losses. It may be helpful to do it that way instead of hating the scale when it doesn't show you what you want to see.

    1785 days ago
    Oh my gosh - those darned scales! I think they turn all of us into 4-year-olds. And yes, Tania shared your frustration and I certainly have in the past. Give it a virtual kick! But emoticon for all your hard work this week!
    1785 days ago
    My scale broke over a year ago and I haven't replaced it. Not sure if that is such a good idea but I try to go by how my clothes are fitting. And now I don't have to kick the scale like a 4 year old.
    1785 days ago
    Totally understand where you're coming from. Weighed myself today - UP from the previous day.

    I try to remind myself I want to see a trend of going down. And even if the scale doesn't show what I want, I remind myself of the healthier choices I am making now and how much healthier I feel now than I used to.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1786 days ago
    I think I've removed the importance of any single weigh-in by weighing myself every day. It's a great reminder that the number fluctuates based on a bunch of factors with calories-in vs calories-out being only part of the picture. Salt has zero calories and water has zero calories -- but look what they can do to the numbers on the scale!

    Celebrate the extra work you did this week! Let's make next week a great one, too.
    1786 days ago
    I empathize.
    Whatever measuring device you use, the changes to be where you want to be just never happen fast enough...
    It is the old "Are we there yet?"
    Try to relax and enjoy the trip to the new healthier you. Be sure to enjoy the detours too.... sometimes detours are what make the trip truly memorable!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon Audra
    1786 days ago
    1786 days ago
    The hardest thing about using the scale as a useful tool is removing the emotion from the weigh-ins! Sometimes I'm more successful at that than others. I'd like to see immediate results of my behavior the previous day...

    You are correct in writing that it will seem stuck for a while even when you've made behavior progress, and then the scale will move down a bunch in a short time. Hang in there! You're doing fine.
    1786 days ago
  • LIZZYP609
    Right there with you! I thought sure I would be 1 pounds down... it was 0.4! but the good news is that I am in the high end of my 5 lb maintenance range!!

    So here is what I did and you can do the same. Look cross at the scale and say, "stop it! you do NOT control my mood!" Then kick it a little (there is your tantrum) then go have a cup of coffee and forget it! LOL

    1786 days ago
    Well then as one 4 yr old to another...agree with you, why is always so hard to lose the extra pounds, not fair, not fair, not fair? emoticon
    1786 days ago
    Oh wow do I know THAT feeling! I've experienced it SO often - and its frustrating. I did something recently that has my scale moving again. I'm not saying its the right thing to do, just that for now its working for me.

    What I did is lower my calorie range to about 200 calories less a day than SP calculates I should be eating given my activity range. I was VERY hesitant to do this because of all the stuff I've read about how eating too little can stall weight loss and mess up your metabolism.

    The calorie range they give works for me for maintenance (I first reached my goal weight in Nov. 2011) but two different times while on vacation I gained weight. And their range wasn't allowing me to re-lose that weight.

    I'm also eating (for the most part) in the lower range of carbs, focusing on freggies for my carbs with very little bread (and bread I do eat mostly whole grain.) For now this is working!! Oh one more thing - the range I've lowered to is 1430 to 1840. I don't think ANYONE should go under 1200 calories from what I've read. Hope this may help someone - I am 65 and I am pretty sure my age has something to do with this whole thing. But it CAN be done!! emoticon
    1786 days ago
  • 1935MARY
    Amen, I know that feeling. It is hard to wait for something to happen and disappointing when it doesn't. we have to remember it took time to put it on and it will take time to take it off. Have a great day.
    1786 days ago
    Ha ha, did you read my mind this morning? I have a lot of hatred for my scale too. I think we want to see the effort reflected on that scale. When we don't it's disheartening.

    Look at it this way a LOSS is better than a GAIN so chin up, keep on pushing and definitely don't quit. You are doing so great!! emoticon
    1786 days ago
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