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You did it, you made it to day 30 of the Challenge!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Let me just get the bad news out of the way, I am up 2 pounds, BUT I think it has to do with the iron tabs I am taking messing with my digestion! ( slowing it down)

The GOOD NEWS is that I am back in the water and training again and I swam 2km last night! Whoo hoo!
It was more than I thought I could do!
My team mate and I were the only girls in the "fast lane" at the pool! LOL

Salad for dinner last night while the family had mac and cheese.

I am going to keep being mindful and keep just making the best choices, trying to find that lifestyle balance until school goes back when I can REALLY focus on getting back on The Plan and losing some pounds!

My physical is coming up in a few weeks and my doc and I are going to have a heart to heart! There is something wrong with my body - it is not showing up on the bloodwork ( besides the low Iron) ....I just keep on putting on weight! I am not even going to go there, I have said this too many times before! So...not going to repeat my whole sob story!

Only thing I can do is make the best choices day by day until my physical and then see what doc says.

If I have to throw a temper tantrum in her office to convince her that we have to get to the bottom of this, then so be it! It has been 4 years and I have gained almost 30 pounds for goodness sakes!

Anyway, enough about that.....

For the challenge, I GOT MY EXERCISE MOJO BACK! Huge celebration! Back in training - Swimming! Huge celebration - made beef stroganoff with Chia seeds which the whole family ate! EXCEPT it wasn't beef, but chicken! YAY!

Started juicing again!

Working on getting my iron up! ( blood levels)

If I was not on the challenge, I can assure you that my results would have been WAY different!
IN the first 15 days of the challenge I lost 5 pounds or so...then they came back....with friends....and I think the supplements are messing me up!

So I am just doing the best I can to get through until I see the doc....continuing with lots of salads and protein. Still only one coffee a day! YAY!
Minimal wheat for the whole challenge! Mostly gluten free.....

BUT the attitude is changing....I am starting to figure a few things out and deal with behavior patterns. So that is also a good thing!

How has your challenge been? Be honest:
What were the victories and what were your struggles! ( we can all learn from each other)


So proud of you all for reaching day 30 ! WAy to go!
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  • SHEILA1505
    I promised to be yellow/hard cheese free for the month - the only time this deal was broken was when the hospital put cheese in an omelette which was supposed to be mushrooms only. Since most other food was inedible, I did eat it!

    Training is definitely off-plan and will have to be re-thought once I get the all-clear. Meanwhile, I think I should take a look at The Plan - reduction in joint inflammation is mentioned by IFDEEVARUNS2 - do you think this was as a result of The Plan?

    I must admit - I resorted to chocolate for comfort - I needed my long lost Mum, and DD2 sent me a Teddy Bear, a fruit basket and chox from the UK - precious girl.

    It looks as if my weight is the same, despite an initial loss in hospital - loose jeans - but who wouldn't lose then? Feel flabby and tired.

    I'm taking it gently for a while
    1760 days ago
    Yikes! I gained 10 lbs overnight last January. It took The Plan to start to reverse the trend. My joint inflammation is gone too. Just taking it day by day. I hope you have a wiser doctor than I do.
    1760 days ago
    Congrats to all of you for sticking with the challenge, for learning what you did, for the successes you achieved, and for your amazing attitudes through it all!
    I look forward to participating in the next one...
    1760 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    Have you had the doctor check your thyroid? An under-active thyroid can be a reason for weight gain...and it can also have symptoms that may make you think your iron is low. I thought low iron levels was the problem with my daughter, but it was not, it is her thyroid. We're actually going for another follow-up with him tomorrow. I am pretty sure he will start her on meds tomorrow too, as her levels have gotten lower and lower. She had gained 9lbs the last time between visits (6 months).
    Just a thought to pass along to you.

    I fell to my knees during this challenge and forgot to get back up. I'm so sorry :( We did 2 out of town trips this month, plus I quit nursing and went through the painful process of drying up. Excuses...I know.

    Great job everyone who stuck to it and pushed through it!!
    1761 days ago
    Last day!
    That went fast. I hope you and your doc will figure it out. My thyroid is changing behavior during the year. Hard to adjust and discover, very discouraging when the scale jumps up for no apparent reason.
    My report is: Up in weight about 2 Lbs. staying the same on the measurement so that is a little loss ;)
    Eating healthy works but really, it's the portion control and accepting that I can't eat as much as the average human in general to loose and keep weight off.
    Still loving my fitbit and will keep on adjusting, balancing and recording every bite!
    Thank you for the challenge Mel! Thanks to all who joined! Happy August!
    1761 days ago
    Awww Mel, I hope you figure the weight thing out. That is very frustrating. Perhaps hormonal.

    Reflecting on the challenge...

    I am still fighting the pudge and didn't lose:( Body is adapting to a new diet. I was on target with the workouts and even listened to it when it told me to rest. Yay!

    Sugar has not really been a big thing for me. What is challenging is deciphering why I grab for it or any other snack. Unlike many I don't really reach for food to pacify emotional stuff (the bulimic who restricts goes in the opposite direction), but I am figuring out that two things trigger it and that would be exhaustion and blindly going along with BF. Need to keep an eye on it.

    One thing that really hit me with the challenge is that there is a point at which I start disengaging, be it posting or simply continuing on. Every time I pas around day 20 I lose steam. Not necessarily bad, may be my short attention span. I am trying to learn and work with it. It applies to so many areas in my life. Hence being kind of non-committal:)

    Thank you very much Mel! These are always enlightening challenges. I appreciate all you do and share with us!!!

    Great job all!

    1761 days ago
  • DRS510
    Yay! So glad to be done. Had some good decisions with getting back on track.

    I feel like I am more focused and I enjoy the encouragement.

    Good luck to all of you.

    Mel - something is not right with that kind of gain. I hope you figure it out!
    1761 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Yay on being back in the pool, I know you love being there!
    1762 days ago
  • LIS193
    Mel, something is not right :( That is a lot of weight in only 4 years... Hope you can get to the bottom of this.
    Is today the final weigh and measure?
    Weight: 134.4 after a rollercoaster last week. Measurements are pretty much the same.
    1762 days ago
    Oh, Mel! 30 pounds in 4 years... sounds like metabolism is definitely the problem! You need to ask the doc. what you can do to revv up the metabolism. Naturally, it slows down (for me, if I'm not careful, I will gain 5 pounds a year without a diet change or unless I ramp up my exercise substantially!!!)

    Do you think you might need hormone therapy? I really do hope your doctor listens to you this year, and attempts a better solution to your issues. It's not like you haven't been trying, I read your blogs!!! You are working it!!! (So frustrating!!)

    1762 days ago
    I have gained 110 grams, which with the crazy
    schedule and eating on the run, I was expecting
    it to be more. I am drinking peppermint tea as well
    as decaf green tea. I have had one or two coffees
    but I know I am better off without them. Thank you
    for leading us again Mel. Have a great day. emoticon
    1762 days ago
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