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Fortunately, unfortunately

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So like I was saying, this is already a very high stress week. I took some time yesterday morning to help a friend move and then came home. One of my kids who is visiting a relative ivisited an oral surgeon, and then we found water has been seeping in the basement floor.

The fish tank is nearby, and I tried to figure out if that could be the culprit but I didn't sense any water coming from the fishtank itself. Still, I was calling around seeing where these fish might go. The only person I was able to contact lived an hour away. But I had some suspicions that the fish were not the source of the water. I mean, the floor under the fishtank (carpet) was wet, but not as wet as the floor in the neighboring room. And there was a locus of deterioration at the corner between the rooms that made me suspicious.

There was no plumbing in the vicinity, but there was an air conditioner in the window above so I decided to go see if that could be the culprit. Trouble is, there's a briar patch shielding the area worthy of sleeping beauty. This is Utah so it's not really normal or natural for such things to grow, but if you have a mysterious source of water, things can get out of hand. Plus we are having a rainy spell this week. As I looked at it, I saw a hose descending from the roof which my husband told me drains the swamp cooler. This is a thing that works i Utah because it's so arid. It's a metal box with mesh on the 4 sides that drips water through the mesh and a hamster wheel type fan pulls air through the wet mesh. But i keeps our house 30 degrees cooler than outside without using much electricity, but there is water running out of it, and apparently not in a helpful place.

But I guess he good news is I didn't have to move the fish. I did have to cut through the thicket to move the discharge hose. I also pulled some ivy that was starting to infiltrate the siding. And after I'm done, my husband comes out and says his brain is full and he can't study no more. I guess there's nothing that makes you feel like studying more than knowing there's rosebushes that have been neglected for 3 years needing to be cut. But once that's done, it can be hard to focus.

When helping someone move qualifies as your me time, you might need to reexamine your life choices.
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