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Who Is This Body?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Don't you just love it when a light bulb goes off inside your head? When an idea you never thought of before blossoms right in front of you? When something suddenly becomes clearer?
(of course you do, LOL)

So today while reading The Best of Spark People article 10 Smart Ways to Burn More Calories
Crank Up Your Cardio to Blast More Fat! the light clicked on at number 9.

"9. Focus. We talk a lot about the importance of the mind-body connection and fitness. Although cardio isn't as Zen-like as yoga, cardio can still benefit from a strong sense of awareness. The next time you do cardio, focus on the movements and breathing while squeezing those muscles. By engaging your mind, you can actually better engage your muscles, which allows you to complete the exercise more easily and still burn more calories!"

Wow. See - whenever I'm doing cardio I try to zone out of what's going on. When I'm on that elliptical or stationary bike ... or even when I'm swimming laps - I try to get away from what it feels like because it feels hard. I like to watch television if I'm not in the water, so I can forget about how tired my arms and/or legs are getting. It's a "grit your teeth and plow through it" sort of feeling. I can almost hear myself thinking "I know this is hard but la la la la I can't hear you telling me!"

But by doing this maybe I'm missing out on something. For sure I'm not savoring the experience of those hard working muscles. Maybe I'm not even getting the full benefit of my workout. I know this is true with weight lifting - when I just push with my arms it's hard hard work but when I engage my abs and glutes ... it's still hard but it's different. It's ... it's easier to do it well.

I think it's time to pay attention to my body while I'm doing cardio workouts. It's time to feel those legs and back muscles, to experience what they're actually doing. I'd like to get to know Who Is This Body a little better. After all, I might like her.
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