Still Kicking + Friend's Moving Drrrrrama

Monday, July 29, 2013

Yay, I'm still here! I'm 2 weeks in on my healthier eating habits and exercise and 2.2 pounds down. I was a little disappointed to see only a .2 pound loss this past week. I burned at least 500 additional calories than the previous week and there was only one day during the week I really went wack-a-doo with a high-calorie meal. It does seem pretty suspicious, but I will carry on and just try to make a few adjustments this week. I've been at this game for a long time and I know what the rules are, so I've just got to keep practicing til I get it right.

Finished Week 2, Day 1 of 5K training today, though it was struggle to get myself out the door and it continued til about halfway through. I did a 2-hour hike Saturday that burned about 900 calories and so yesterday I took the day off. Of course my body still grumbled today, but I knew it had to be done. My knees are still going strong. About the only thing hurting is my back, which is what I think happened last time and it took a few weeks for it to stop.

Last week I helped a friend move. There's a whole lot of drrrrrama surrounding that, with them being behind on their mortgage but set to catch up within the next month and a half and the mortgage company said no, we're auctioning your house in 9 days, so get out. So they had to find an apartment and try to cram 2300 square feet worth of stuff into a 1000 sq ft apartment. I told her to get a lawyer and that one phone call would probably get them an extension, but she waited until the last minute and, blah blah blah, but the mortgage company get the picture. She didn't seem to understand that of course they would bully her as long as she lets them and that if they were as bad as they sounded, they probably just wanted to kick them out so they could turn around, buy it back, and resell it at a higher price now that the market is better (my friend bought it as a foreclosure). But hey, she didn't want to push it, so I bit my tongue and just tried to help her out with the moving.

I mean, there reaches a point where you try to help your friends, but they just don't want to be helped. She whines and cries over that house but won't do anything to save it at this point, and that's OK if that's how she wants to do it. I honestly think she's better off. The house had a ginormous heating bill and apparently a brown recluse problem (not discovered until they were packing). Plus the mortgage company never paid their property taxes on time.

Regardless, I'm not going to waste my breath or brain power on it. I'll help where I can and leave it at that. She's a grown woman and while I don't agree with everything she does, it's not the end of the world and she's the one that has to bear the consequences. The only thing I won't tolerate is endless crying over that house months from now. If it gets to that point, we'll have a discussion.

In other news, I may soon have a major decision to make regarding my new job versus a teaching position. I'm trying not to worry until the decision actually has to be made, but it's there in the back of my mind. Possibly more details to come later on in the week.

Here's hoping for a good week for everyone!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm so glad that you started blogging again! I missed your entries!

    You are so true about friends. We offer our help but it's their decision to listen and accept it. For the last 2 months my BFF was in a very bad relationship and everybody told her to leave him. After a big discussion she announced that "she knows it's a mistake but we have to let her do it". When somebody tells you that they know they are doing something wrong but they'll do it anyway, you take a step back and you just wait for them to ask for your help.

    She is lucky to have you, you gave her good advice. Maybe she'll understand it at some point.
    2924 days ago
    Tough love is sometimes needed. I have little patience myself for people who constantly complain but refuse to do anything to improve the thing they are complaining about.
    2924 days ago
    Good to see you back and blogging again
    2924 days ago
    Hmmm....honestly, sounds like your friend is better off in an apartment than all the responsibility of a house! Anywho . . . that was nice of you to help her move. Wishing her luck.

    AND wishing YOU much luck with your upcoming decision.

    2924 days ago
    2924 days ago
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